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Nice quality hose pump application in beer production

2018-11-13 09:32:46

In the production of beer, it is necessary to transport diatomaceous earth, yeast, PVPP and other raw materials in the process. The conventional process is usually carried out by a screw pump. As advanced hose pump application production processes and equipment are continuously introduced from abroad to China, domestic beer companies have found that hose pumps have more and more advantages in the process of conveying these media compared to screw pumps.

hose pump application

These advantages include:
1. Hose pump can be self-priming, we all know that the screw pump does not have self-priming ability, so in the production often need to use a relatively large tank to raise the material to a certain height, and then forced into the inlet of the screw pump. This increases equipment investment and also requires venues.
The hose pump can completely solve the problem. The hose pump's hose is reset to generate a huge vacuum suction and suck the material into the pump.
2. Hose pump can be reversed, this is the unique performance of the hose pump, the hose pump does not have the import and export, only need to adjust the motor steering to change the import into an outlet, the outlet becomes an import.
This is not possible with the screw pump. The screw pump must be provided with a return circuit at the outlet. When the production is shut down, the valve of the circuit needs to be opened to vent the system pressure back to the inlet, thus increasing the investment cost of the equipment.
Make the operation one more program. In the use of the hose pump, only one circuit needs to be added to the circuit, and the material in the system can be reversely reversed when the machine is shut down automatically. There is no need to add more pipes and valves, and it is easier for workers to operate. Just shut down and the rest of the pump will do it yourself.

industrial hose pump

3. Hose pump can be dry, the screw pump can not dry, when the material in the tank is delivered, the screw pump needs to add a water-deficient protection device to ensure that the screw pump will not be damaged due to dry running. Hose pumps are not required because dry rotation does not cause any damage.
4. The price of the hose pump is better, because the equipment must meet the food hygiene requirements in the beer production process, the screw pump must meet such requirements in the material of the rotor and stator, so the cost of the material will be higher.
The characteristics of the hose pump determine that the medium can only be in contact with the inner wall of the hose, so only the hose required by the food hygiene level can be used. The other parts are not in contact with the medium, and ordinary materials can be used.
5.The maintenance of the hose pump is more convenient, the screw pump needs to change the stator frequently, and the replacement of the stator requires the entire pump to be disassembled, which is equivalent to reinstalling the screw pump.
The hose pump has only one consumable part, which is the hose. Replacing the hose does not require disassembly of the entire pump body. Only the inlet and outlet flanges need to be removed. The hose can be installed by motor.

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