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High-rise building concrete pump selection

2016-06-03 09:02:49

At present, the construction of high-rise building for pumping generally use the relay pumping or a pump to the top to achieve.

Relay is pumped through a concrete pump concrete transported to the advance in a certain height of the other concrete pump hopper, then through the second pump concrete to the destination; the program of economic, more reliable; relative and words, the pump requirements are not too high, at the same time, after the project is completed, these pumps can be economically used for other general engineering; drawback is relatively cumbersome construction, the construction of the first and second pumps should be coordinated; the second pump is fixedly do special treatment, taking into account the carrying capacity of the floor can meet the requirements. The pumping method in the early development of early concrete pumping machinery use a lot.

With concrete pumping machinery and related technologies become more sophisticated, the program gradually being replaced by a pump to the top programs; one is the use of ultra-high pressure pump top concrete pump concrete delivery directly to a destination; The program has a simple construction, construction costs, compared with and low, but the program is too high pumping pressure, prone to leak causes many problems concrete segregation, blocked tubes, etc., thus pumping equipment, concrete pumping pipeline and construction process requires high; at the same time, the Upon completion, the pump used for other projects generally are less economical. Ultrahigh-pressure concrete pump selection is generally based on the conditions required to estimate the resistance of the pipe, based on the calculated pressure value primaries concrete pump model, based on the final amount of construction-side demand provided by the manufacturer, confirmed that the pumping pressure (pumping height determined) theory party volume (determines the pumping time) meets the construction requirements. If you meet the demand, the models, if demand does not meet the re-election model. And so forth, until the selected models to meet the requirement.
Selection of the main process is as follows:

 (1) pumping pressure estimates.

 (2) device model primaries.

 (3) determine the device model. 
high-rise building concrete pump selection

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