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High performance hydro-mulcher for sale

2020-12-30 10:57:44

High performance hydro-mulcher for sale
The high performance hydro-mulcher is a kind of plant green equipment introduced from overseas, also is a kind of eco-friendly project such as highway (railway) road slope green area, mine re-green, desert treatment, river bank protection, and large-scale green space reconstruction. 
The hydro-mulcher for sale is suitable for green spraying in places where plants are difficult to grow, such as rocks, hard soils, sandy soils, barren soils, acid soils, dry areas and coastal dams. Today, spray cedar is widely used in projects such as highway slope green, high-speed rail slope green, mine green, ecosystem recovery and desert management.

high performance hydro-mulcher

1. Suitable for rocky slopes in severe geographic conditions
Guest brush spray glass planter is fixed with galvanized iron wire mesh (geographic synthetic mesh) and steel rod with high tensile strength, effectively preventing debris from collapsing or falling off. This method is suitable for rocky slopes in harsh environments such as gravel layers, soft rocks, broken layers, and hard base rocks.
2. Resistance to erosion and soil erosion
All grass sprayed with guest soil spray is agitated with glue. The adhesive increases the adhesion effect of the rock surface, has excellent corrosion resistance on the construction surface, and reduces soil erosion.

hydro-mulcher for sale

3. It ensures rapid plant formation and ecological stability.
The structural thickness of the guest soil spray is generally about 10 cm, and the ecological stability of the slope protection plant can meet the growth needs of the plant. The spray effect of guest soil spray is about a year later, the guest soil spray flower seeds are three-dimensional shape.
The effect is as follows: It can reduce the impact of rainwater and improve the solidity of the construction level. Spray flower and grass seed absorption and transport can reduce the pressure of soil water. The deep roots of plants can increase the cohesion of the soil.
4. Barren hills adjacent to highways can cause visual fatigue for long-term drivers and do not sufficiently relieve pressure. Plants and grass seeds sprayed by guest soil sprayers produce a layer of green grass to protect the barren hills and visual fatigue of people.

high performance hydro-mulcher for sale

Gaodetec has produced the hydroseeder machine for many years, we can supply the hydroseeder machine capacity for 6000L,8000L and we can also provide the customize service for you. Our hydroseeder machine also has the hydroseeder machine with wheel, and it is easy to move. 
If you are interested in the hydroseeder machine ,please answer the following questions, then we will provide the suitable hydroseeder machine for you.
What's the project you will use the machine do, for slope protect, or other?
How many litres/cubic machines do you need?
2. What is spraying distance(horizontal and vertical)?
3. What is the max. aggregate?
4. Will you spraying material for slope protection or other project?

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