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Grout pump for tunnel boring machine

2019-09-15 19:34:48

Gaodetec GGM80/50PLD-E grout pump was delivered to Australia for tunnel boring machine. For the GGM80 / 50PLD-E grout pump, it is a double plunger hydraulic pump with very low pressure and flow impact system, with little twitching or kicking during grouting, grout output of 0-80L / min, pressure of 0-50 bar, both can be adjusted without level.

grout pump for tunnel boring machine

Power is 11kw and is very powerful during operation. 
The Grouting pump designed by Gaodetec is vertically laid out, very compact and very easy to move, and can be used in narrow workplaces. As a result, Australia customers ordered three units at a time for tunnel grouting.

How to find the right grout pump in AustraliaAny time you want a grout pump, you can find a grout pump manufacturer-GAODETEC.

How to choose a suitable grout pump, please email info@gaodetec.com or send a message for more information, without hesitation.

If you don't think they're all right for your project, don't worry, GAODETEC Equipment is China's leading grout pump for tunnel boring machine manufacturer and now has multiple types of grout pumps widely sold in Australia.

grout pump for TBM
jet grout pump for TBM

Gaodetec grout pump 
for tunnel boring machine have the following features and advantages:

1. Compact and lightweight

2. Simple operation via control panel

3. Use reversible valves and valve plates for long maintenance periods.

4. Easy maintenance on the job site,

5. There is no special removal tool.

6. Newly developed automatic lubrication system

7. Extended maintenance intervals are suitable for plunger and fillers.
8. Speed control knob to precisely adjust slurry discharge In short, Gaodetec jet grout pump has a long working life, simple operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost and improved safety.

grout pump for tunnel grouting

Please help us confirm the following:

1. What projects will use grout machines, dam grouts, tunnel grouts or otherwise?

2. What pressure do you ask for?

3. What is the process you are asking for?

4. Do you want to use an electric motor or a diesel engine grout?

5. If you want to start with an electric motor with a cement grout pump, also confirm the voltage at the site.
6. For the grout machine, do you only want the grout pump? 
Or need a grout mixer and agitator, or need a mixer mixer pump on a machine?

Therefore, for any problems with the grout pump or any requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us, once confirmed the detailed requirements of the grout pump, will provide you with a better solution in the first place. Contact us today for more information about the grout business!




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