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Grout plant for consolidation grouting in dams lean concrete

2024-02-11 16:56:26

We have grout plant for consolidation grouting with different tank sizes, pump capacities, pressures and powers. For example, the volume of the mixer is range from 100L to 1200L, the volume of the agitator is range from 150L to 3000L, and the output range is from 50L/min to 300L /min. 

GGP100/150/20PI-E grout plant for dams combination of mixer, agitator and grout pump in one base frame. The high shear colloidal grout mixer volume is 100L, agitator volume is 150L. Grouting pressure and output are step-less adjustable. When working at low voltage, its working pressure is 43Bar, its output is 20L/min; When working at high voltage, its pump working pressure is 100Bar, its output is 10L/min.

grout plant for consolidation grouting

1. Ground improvement: tube injections, soil-mix procedures, injection screens.
2. Tunnel construction: injections for reinforcing and sealing the ground, pipe screen injections, mortar back-filling injections, contact injections.
3. Anchorages. earth and rock anchors, floor nailing.
4. Ditch-free building: pipe jacking, micro-tunnelling, directional drilling.
5. Special civil engineering: slotted and narrow wall construction, pile foundations.
6. Pre-stressed concrete: injection of the cable channels.

Grout plant for consolidation grouting in dams lean concrete

1. One and two-oil gear pump to get large output and high pressure in the same grout pump.
2. Single piston and two-acting, by our special design to get the same volume in both rod and no rod chamber.
3. Vertical pump with compact size.
4. Hydraulic drive, safely releasing pressure when pumping block.
5. Ball valve.
6. Up to 5mm particle size.
7. Low flow pressure surge system.
8. Lower charging material height for mixer.
9. High-speed colloidal grout mixer.

grout plant for dams

In order to ensure the normal operation of the grout plant during use, reduce the failure rate, improve work efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. When using the colloidal grout plant, it should be maintained regularly, carefully maintained, and scientifically maintained to increase the life of the grouting pump.
1. After use, clean up the grouting pump pipeline to prevent residual cement slurry from solidifying and causing blockage;
2. Brush lubricating oil on the lubricated parts to prevent rust; replace the lubricating oil in the box after long-term use, and do a good job of preventing rust and moisture;
3. Regularly check the key components of the grout plant for dams, and tighten the screws if they are loose.

Grout plant for consolidation grouting

Contact us for grout plant details:
We are a grout plant for dams supplier. If you are interested in our grout plant for dams, we will recommend a suitable one for you. Please help us to confirm the following points:
1. What kind of grouting project would you use the grout equipment?
2. What is the pressure and flow rate do you need?
3. How about the water and cement ratio, does any sand in?
You can send demands to our email, email address: info@gaodetec.com

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