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Cement foam wall panel production line

2018-12-05 09:37:04

As an experienced cement foam wall panel production line supplier, we are dedicated in developing, producing and selling cement foam panel production line for 10 years.
The cement foam wall panel production line can make different sizes cement foam panels. And the cement foam panels have many advantages, such as, lightweight, thermal insulation, waterproof, fireproof, sound reduction, low cost, good integrity, environmental friendly, etc.
This new type building material has been widely used in many countries, such as, The united states, Germany, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, etc., and have gotten a good fame. If you are interested in this area, you also can do. It is very easy.
We can provide cement foam wall panel production line, includes foam concrete machine and foam concrete wall panel machine. For the foam concrete machine, we have many models for your option: 5m3/h, 10m3/h, 20m3/h, 30m3/h, 40m3/h, etc.
For the GF5 foam concrete machine, the capacity is 5m3/h. It includes foaming system, feeding system, mixing system and pumping system, and putting all the 4 parts in one, very convenient to operate and move. There is no need of any other foam wall panel machine to produce the foamed concrete, because it is a full foam concrete production line, all the accessories are included.

foam wall panel

We still need a wall panel machine to make the foam wall panels. It includes hydraulic station, mould head, base strips, bead strips, all these parts are used to produce solid wall panels; if you want to make hollow wall panels, we also provide core tube and pipe pulling machine.

foam wall panel production line

For the wall panel size of the cement foam wall panel production line, we have 4 sizes for your option:

1.3000x600x120mm, 16 pcs/mould, one mould has 16 pieces wall panels.

2.3000x600x150mm, 14 pcs/mould, one mould has 14 pieces wall panels.

3.3000x600x200mm, 10 pcs/mould, one mould has 10 pieces wall panels.

4.3000x600x250mm, 8 pcs/mould, one mould has 8 pieces wall panels.

According the capacity of GF5, it is 5 m3/h, if you works 8 hours per day, you could get 40m3 foamed concrete per day.

1.3000x600x120mm, 185 pcs/day, one days can make 185 pieces wall panels.

2.3000x600x150mm, 148 pcs/day, one days can make 148 pieces wall panels.

3.3000x600x200mm, 111 pcs/day, one days can make 111 pieces wall panels.

4.3000x600x250mm, 88 pcs/day, one days can make 88 pieces wall panels.

We calculate how many foam wall panels we could make according to the size of the panel and the capacity of the foam concrete machine. Theoretically speaking, the machine can make 40m3 per day based on 8 hours. And if the size of the panel is 3000x600x120mm, that is 0.216m3, so we can make 40/0.216=185 pieces panels.
Our cement panels production line has good performance, the warranty is 12 months. And we offer 7 days*24 hours on line after-sale service. If you are interested in this cement foam wall panel production line, you can contact us freely. 

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