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Foam concrete used for backfilling subway station

2021-07-07 16:46:32

Foam concrete has been used in developed countries for more than 50 years. The pressure resistance is not as strong as ordinary concrete, but so is the weather resistance. The advantages include less demand for structural rebar, less foundation requirements, better fire resistance and, most importantly, its use as an insulation material.

foam concrete

Foam concrete machine is mainly used for backfilling subway station, pouring wall, roof insulation, flooring, exterior wall insulation, upright beam foundation ditch filling, firewall body and sound insulation.
Foam concrete machinery has been widely used in the construction industry, mainly for roof slope, floor leveling and wall structural insulation applications, as well as any type of gap filling (mines, tunnels, road basements, ground stabilization, land reclamation and others), due to its free flow characteristics, excellent insulation, low density and affordable strength values.

foam concrete used for backfilling

Due to the complexity of subway station foundation construction, and with the development of high-rise buildings and underground space, the building is crowded, the pipeline is complex and the space is small, which puts forward higher requirements for the backfilling pit backfill technology of subway station.

foam concrete machine for underground filling

The traditional backfilling process can easily cause backfilling to collapse, which seriously affects the safety and service life of subway. Foam concrete is light in weight and high in strength, and can solve the above problems well because of its self-compact ability. At the same time, foam concrete can effectively reduce the precipitation and hollow caused by groundwater corrosion.

foam concrete machine for roofing construction

Gaodetec equipment is a well-known manufacturer of foam concrete machinery. We are a professional manufacturer of CLC foam concrete machine supplier and manufacturer.

foam concrete machine used for backfilling subway station

Our foam concrete machines are not only cheap, but also have good performance and have been exported to many countries. Our products can meet the requirements of your different applications. Please email us for more information. Email address:

foam concrete machine for road construction

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