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Lightweight concrete leader - foam concrete prospects

2014-07-09 14:10:40

As a rising star lightweight concrete - foam concrete, is developed on the basis of aerated concrete, the hair is actually a physical gas aerated concrete should say that it is a variant of aerated concrete and special production methods . Its initial development, but also originated in a supplement to the aerated concrete.

Because of autoclaved aerated concrete need not be on-site construction, although the performance, but the application is still subject to certain restrictions, so people invented the foam concrete. Its performance and pore structure are close aerated concrete, but without autoclaving, can be very convenient in any construction site pouring. Initial application of foam concrete is cast lightweight concrete, because of its convenience, and later extended to the foam light concrete products. In the first phase of foam concrete application of domestic and international, are based on reducing the density of concrete or its products as a starting point. Later, as it appeared excellent insulation properties, its application to the progressive development of thermal insulation function. This is the second application stage foam concrete. In some countries the alpine region of North America, Northern Europe, such as Sweden, Canada, Finland, foam concrete aerated concrete has become second only to the second largest light concrete, used in building insulation areas account for a large proportion, known as "building insulation service. "

In recent years, the role of other major foam concrete has gradually been discovered, such as the hardening of a certain intensity, low-cost bulk fluid backfill materials, garbage covering materials, ground handling materials with no alternative to advantage. Again it as a lightweight landscape materials, decorative materials, natural pumice replace materials, are unique, not its substance beyond the. These new features foam concrete, discovery and application of new uses, turn it into a broader use of the third application stage. Currently, foam concrete is in a transition phase from the second stage to the third stage of development. This transition will last a long time. Upon completion of this transition foam concrete, completely into the third stage, its use will be very extensive.

In the early 1960s began to foam concrete production applications, but has been used in in-situ concrete aspects of light, and the application amount is very small. Although after the late, there are some manufacturers tried to produce lightweight foam concrete products, but no application. Foam concrete truly become an important light concrete varieties, and the development of the industry of a certain scale production applications, it is only a few years into this new century later. Its sudden warming and ultra-high-speed development, contrary to many people outside the industry accidents.

In just a few among the people had never heard of this before concrete rookie, and it would stand to the light concrete frontrunner position, and went up front to become the fastest-growing breed of lightweight concrete. In 2000, China has a certain amount of blowing agent production plant is only 3, 10 more than in 2003, and in 2005 reached more than 70; 2000, our foam machine manufacturers only 2, 2003 8, and in 2005 reached more than 50; companies and products company, in 2000, only 20 more than the national situ foam concrete construction, has reached more than 300 in 2003, an increase of 10 times, and by the end of 2005 goes to 1200 number, almost covers most provinces nationwide.

Foam concrete products, in 2000 only a small amount of foam sandwich panels, other rare production. And in 2005, a hollow wall foam, foam sandwich panels, the surface layer of polystyrene foam core layer panels, prefabricated foam wall panels, the foam wall insulation systems, foam roof, garden foam products, foam refractory products, foam decorative materials, dozens of products have a lot of applications. The cast foam concrete floor heating, roof insulation, foam concrete backfill, foam concrete foundation, also have gained a certain amount of promotion, especially in warm roof insulation, is widely used.

Foam concrete and extent of the current popularity of such applications, beyond most people's estimation. It can be said that many people are not prepared for foam concrete, it was suddenly appeared, it felt strange. As the foam concrete heat up, many people have to go along with the hot, heat it up. But then you heat up, they feel poorly understood, especially in less-pass of, was more eager to know about it.

Foam concrete has heated up in recent years, the rapid warming. Country emerge foam concrete equipment, raw materials, a large number of products and related technologies, which is due entirely to building energy pull. The fundamental reason is that in recent years the country has increased efforts to promote energy efficiency in buildings. Building to energy conservation, it is necessary for the roof, wall, wall, floor-round heat, to construction, all wearing head to toe "thermal clothing." And in line with this "thermal clothing" technical requirements for materials, foam concrete is the preferred advantages most. It is the only building material can be roof, wall, wall, floor insulation can be processed.

Cast foam concrete roof known as the "building of a cotton cap"; foam concrete wall panels and blocks, had been likened to "building a down jacket"; inner foam concrete wall insulation system, has been visualized as a people " building thermal underwear "; warm layer of foam concrete, but was called" architectural cotton boots "In addition to foam concrete, no other insulation material can be so widely used in various parts of the building from head to toe. So it can only foam concrete is poured construction site because it can from the process, and can be molded variety of products, from the density of the material, both can reach 100 ~ 300kg/m3 ultra-low density, close to the expanded perlite, and can achieve high-density 600 ~ 1000kg/m3, and strength from 0.4MP ~ 10MPa available.

It's these characteristics, is the other building insulation materials are difficult to achieve. Comprehensive survey of all aspects of the insulation from the performance, strength, cost, density, crafts, foam concrete building insulation materials are the best. All this, in recent years, with the development of what it's building energy efficiency and heat up the underlying causes. You can also say that the foam concrete building energy muster, no building energy efficiency, it will not develop in a short time to present such a scale. 

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