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Foam concrete mixer with concrete pump

2021-09-06 16:52:25

Cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) is produced in the same environmental conditions as ordinary concrete. It is made by mixing Portland cement, fly ash, stabilized foam and water in the necessary proportions. Foam contains isolated air bubbles, creating millions of unconnected tiny voids in the mixture, making the concrete lighter. CLC can be used in a wide range of engineering applications because its production density ranges from 300 Kg/m³ to 1600 Kg/m³.

performance of the foam concrete

Our foam concrete mixer with concrete pump is multifunctional and can realize feeding, foaming, mixing and pumping at the same time. This is a complete production line, which is very convenient. This foam concrete mixer with concrete pump has great advantages in the construction of foam concrete houses, so it is also called foam concrete block machine, foam concrete block machine, and cast-in-place foam concrete machine.

Foam concrete mixer with concrete pump

This foam concrete mixer with concrete pump consists of feeding, mixing, foaming and pumping system and  it is a complete production line. This foam concrete production line can be used to produce large quantities of foam concrete blocks. The production process of making foam concrete blocks is simple and easy, but it is very important that we need to maintain the foam concrete blocks after our production is completed.

Feature of foam concrete mixer with concrete pump:
1. It can be mixed with various materials such as cement, fly ash, mortar, sand, perlite, slag, etc.
2. Special mixing blade, strong material mixing, storage space at the bottom less than 10mm, no material residue on the four walls of the mixing drum
3. Variable speed mixing and internal structure transformation, convenient installation, high mixing frequency, and energy saving.

Foam concrete mixer with concrete pump, foam generator, foam agent and mold

Gaodetec foam concrete mixer with concrete pump has high availability. We have rich experience in roof insulation foam concrete machine. The foam is mixed with water in a certain proportion, and then mixed with compressed air through a high-pressure pump; a high-density foam is formed in the pipeline, and it is fine and finally with the pipeline. The mud in it forms foamed cement. So if you want to make foam concrete block, our foam concrete mixer with concrete pump is perfectly match your requirements. Our cellular foam concrete block mixing machine is 5-in-1 machine, includes foaming system, feeding system, mixing system, pumping system and control system, very convenient to operate. And also, we provide operational guide on line for free.

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