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Features automatic filter press

2015-02-25 10:57:58

Varicose arm auxiliary discharge:
Because some material viscosity, resulting in the automatic peeling hard cake, I plant development arm auxiliary discharge varicose cloth filter can work to change the cloth when the inclination angle, inverted V-shaped, while holding in cloth on the spring due to expansion and jitter, making the cake off automatically. Varicose arm with enhanced polypropylene material, light weight, corrosion resistance, flexible and reliable operation, easy maintenance.

Automatic sludge storage systems:
After the completion of a filter press, the cake can be discharged down to supporting storage mud bucket, easy to focus on the shipment. The size of mud bucket filter type and can be tailored according to customer requirements, open mode is divided into two kinds of electric and pneumatic.

Automatic replica wetted:
Filter in the filtration process, due to the presence of capillary leakage cloth, drip phenomenon exists between two adjacent filter plate, not only increases the filter press sludge storage hopper below the water content of the mud, but also on the environment pollution caused great trouble to the production operations. I plant design and automatic replica wetted filter plate system can collect dripping liquid adjacent to avoid inconvenience to the production operations.

Automatic drawing board systems:
Due to the large single filter plate filter press is relatively heavy, the workers in the open board when the discharge is not easy, but also a greater workload. I plant developed automatic drawing board systems, hydraulic brake, a roller chain drive, panning synchronization Gunzi chain pull manipulator. Pull panel system consists of motor, hydraulic motor, pull the car plate, sprockets, chains, etc., under the control of the relay, motor driven hydraulic motor, driven by a chain around the drawing board to take the car to complete the drawing board, the drawing board system uses intelligent control action only when the drawing board for the slow, fast, slow, can be both efficient and improve the drawing board to protect the role of the filter plate. Pull the plate speed can be controlled according to the degree of skilled operators. This system greatly increases the filter once a work cycle and effectively reduces the labor intensity.

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