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Electric peristaltic pump for mining

2016-08-12 10:35:10

Peristaltic pump is mainly used for pump materials through two rollers or pressure shoe rotating clockwise squeezing hose. Thus the negative pressure in this hose is generated, sucking slurries, and discharging through outlet under rollers’ push, finally forms pressure conveying of slurries.

electric peristaltic pump

If the electric hose pump conveying of slurries through two pressure shoes squeezing hose, the pump house should be added a large amount of lubricating oil. Because the pressure shoe squeeze hose by sliding friction, which will make hose wear and generate a lot of heat. In turn, conveying of slurries through two rollers squeezing hose, which generates rolling friction between the roller and the hose by the roller rotating itself. It will not generete large heat and wear, so the pump house need not be added so much lubricating oil.

peristaltic pump pressure shoe

The pressure shoe


hose pump roller
The roller

The peristaltic pump is low cost and wide application. In the whole pumping process, the materials do not come in contact with the moving parts of peristaltic pump, the hose is the only wear part. Besides, the peristaltic pump can be used for a wide variety of applications by replace the different type hose. Such as, pumping concrete, mortar, slime, chemical , polluted water, pharmaceutical, fruit juice etc.

The peristaltic pump is safe to operator and easy to maintain. Once the hose is plugged by materials, operator can easily reverse the pump for 5 seconds to relieve pressure on the delivery hose, and then clear the plugged phenomenon. The hose pump go wrong and squeeze hose is wear, the operator only need replace the hose in 20 minutes.

electric hose pump hose

  Pump Hose

The peristaltic pump is easy to clean. Once the work is over and the hose pump need be cleaned. The operator only need insert a clean ball into the suction hole of the pump. The cleanball is simply pumped through the pump and delivery hose to ensure it is clean and clear.

peristaltic pump clean ball

     Clean Ball


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