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Electric foam concrete machine for sale Thailand

2019-03-08 15:15:21

Electric foam concrete machine is widely used in producing foam concrete, including pouring foam concrete on the roof or floor, filling in voids, wall, etc.

Electric foam concrete machine

The foam concrete manufacturer stated that before pouring, it should be ensured that there is no water and no soft soil on the substrate, and the necessary crushing treatment should be carried out on the base soil layer.

The pouring construction time of the cast-in-place foam concrete single casting layer should be controlled within the initial setting time of the cement slurry. In the pouring process, when it is necessary to move the pouring pipe, it should be moved back and forth along the direction in which the pouring pipe is placed, and it is not suitable to move the pouring pipe left or right; if it is really necessary to move the pouring pipe left and right, the pouring pipe should be proposed to present the currently poured foam concrete as much as possible. The surface moves again. When leveling the surface, the pouring opening should be kept as level as possible and the pouring opening should be as low as possible from the currently poured foam concrete surface. Care should be taken to minimize walking back and forth in the foamed concrete that has been poured.

Electric foam concrete machine pouring

For the foam concrete in the roadbed part, after each layer is poured, the plastic film should be used to cover the moisturizing and curing. After the final layer is poured, the curing age is not less than 7 days.

electric foam concrete machine can be used in pouring the roof and floor, and we have small, middle, big foam concrete machine series for your choice, can meet your different requirements. And our foam concrete machine is all- in- one machine, easy to operate and move, very convenient, even can be used on the roof. Any more info, pls feel free to contact us.



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