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Portable DTH down the hole gold mining rock drilling rig

2019-11-20 18:45:40

Portable DTH down the hole gold mining rock drilling rig
The Portable DTH down the hole gold mining rock drilling rig is an impact rotary drilling rig. Its internal structure is different from that of a general rock drilling machine. Its gas distribution and piston reciprocating mechanism are independent, that is, an impactor. The front end is directly connected to the drill bit, and the rear end is connected to the drill pipe. During the rock drilling, the impactor is in the hole of the submerged person, and the piston (hammer) in the impactor is reciprocated against the shank by the gas distribution device (valve), so that the drill bit generates a swirling force to the rock at the bottom of the hole.

down the hole gold mining rock drilling rig

The down the hole gold mining rock drilling rig is used to drill blastholes with a diameter of 20-160 mm and a depth of 15 to 80 m meters in the rock above medium hardness. According to their different powers, gold mining rock drilling rig can be divided into pneumatic, pneumatic with electric rock drills. Among all the kinds of DTH drilling machine, pneumatic blasting hole drills are the most widely used. DTH drilling rigs need to be equipped with a suitable air compressors, and the air compressors provide sufficient power for the work of the down the hole drilling rigs.

portable gold mining rock drilling rig

When drilling a downhole blasthole with a hole diameter of less than 150 mm, a small diameter borehole drill of 80 to 150 mm can be applied in addition to the rock drill. When drilling a blast hole with a diameter of 70 mm or less in coal or soft rock or soil earth, the electric drill or full pneumatic rock mine drilling rig is generally used, and the drill pipe is drilled by the electric motor (or air motor), and the drilled rock (coal) scrap is passed through the drill pipe.  

gold mining rock drilling rig

The portable gold mining rock drilling rig adopts a motor through a high-performance reducer for rotary power; the cylinder is used for propulsion power. The hydraulic system is eliminated, resulting in high mechanical efficiency, low cost and stable performance. And our mine rock drilling rigs use rolling pallets, so that the tracks are not easy to wear. In addition, the mine drilling rig uses a semi-automatic disassembly of the drill pipe, which is easy to move and has high work efficiency, based in this feature, our Portable DTH down the hole gold mining rock drilling rig is also an indispensable rock drilling facility for open pit mining, especially for bumps and rugged terrain where other drilling vehicles do not work properly.

mining rock drilling rig

If you are looking for a equipment which is used for blasting holes or for mining, our down the hole gold mining rock drilling rig is a good choice for you. Just send an email to as: info@gaodetec,com. Gve us a chance, give you a surpries.

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