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The application of DTH drilling machine in the quarry

2018-04-03 10:24:32

DTH drilling machine is the impact rotary drilling rig, its internal structure is different from general rock drill. Because its valve and piston reciprocating mechanism is independent, namely the impactor or hammer, the front end of the drill directly connected to the rear end of the drill pipe. When the rock drill penetrates into the hole, the piston (hammer body) in the impactor reciprocates through the valve (gas valve) so as to make the drill bit impact the rock at the bottom of the hole. The high-speed rotation of the impactor (hammer) in the bore is achieved by a separate pivoting mechanism, by an electric motor outside the hole or by a pneumatic rotating device, through a drill rod attached to the rear end of the impactor. The rock powder produced during rock drilling is flushed out by mixture air. The mixed gas is injected into the impactor through the center of the drill rod by the powder discharge mechanism, and then enters the bottom of the hole through the gas groove on the impactor cylinder.

In the quarry, DTH drilling machine is mainly used for drilling blast-hole. In order to recommend the suitable drilling machine for customers, we need know hole diameter and hole depth. Usually, drilling machine work also need suitable air compressor to provide compressed air, it is essential for drilling machine normal work. 

DTH drilling machine for quarry

Drilling machine for quarry

Air compressor

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