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Rig classification

2014-12-09 14:26:30

Since the 21st century, as technology continues to improve, tech rig is also rising, species also increases. Here to tell you about the scope and variety of the rig construction characteristics: 1, rotary drilling rig can be divided into three categories: ① vertical shaft rotary rigs: hand-fed drills, screw differential feed, hydraulic-fed rig; ② rotary rotary rig: Steel Size of the pull decompression rigs, hydraulic cylinder decompression rig; ③ mobile rotary drilling rig is: full hydraulic power head rig, mechanical power head rig. The rotary rigs drilling mainly by rotational movement of the broken layer formed holes. When the job, power machine driven by the gear wheel, driven by the active drill bit rotates broken rock. The rotary drilling rig can adapt to different geological conditions, particularly in drilling gravel layer, into the hole after hole soil layer formed around the chamber wall, and on the stability of the cell wall, improve the carrying capacity of the pile, there is a certain effect. 2, the impact can be divided into two categories rig: ① rope impact drill; ② impact drill rig. The impact is mainly composed of vertical reciprocating rig drill, impact drill bit to break the rock bottom of the well. The impact of lower efficacy rig drilling depth within 250m, occasionally up to 500-600 meters. The aircraft is the use of drilling rigs running crank linkage, the power to change the rotary motion into reciprocating motion, driven by rope hammer up and down movement. Impact drill is crushed into powder, granular rock drilling residue, because of its power consumption, low efficiency, so in addition to the hard gravel layer drilling, in general, the use of other types of rigs. 3, composite drill: This machine is mainly composed of vibration, shock, rotating, static pressure, and other functions in various combinations together complex rig. Diesel pile hammer is one of them. Fei Piling produce diesel hammer pile driver crawler chassis, high degree of automation, detachable bike, walk in, turn 360 degrees, four hydraulic legs, a luffing cylinder, two landing gear cylinders, in construction harsh environments demonstrate the unique advantages and improve the construction schedule.

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