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Reflections on the development of core drilling rig

2014-12-09 14:32:42

1.vertical shaft drilling rig development and status
Foreign core drilling rig first appeared in the mid-18th century. Function more perfect rig is after the 1860s have emerged. 1930s forties, hydraulic technology began to be used to rig into the system, but there are a variety of speed range gearbox also began to be used core drilling rig, this formation on the market today popular conventional vertical diamond core drill predecessor.
Before the founding of our country do not have their own drilling equipment manufacturing industry. From 1953 to establish machinery plant in Zhangjiakou start prospecting, geological drilling equipment experienced the introduction in the 1950s, the imitation into the 1960s, has started to design and manufacture vertical hydraulic rig. In summing up the advantages and disadvantages of foreign equipment, based on the combination of conditions, the spirit of innovation in a relatively short period of time successfully developed XJ2100, XU2300, XU2600 type three kinds of vertical shaft core rig. The end he could not
Development of historical drilling equipment. 1960s to the 1980s is of core drilling rig to get period of rapid development, with diamond drilling technology, the impact of the process of promoting the use of rotary drilling for vertical diamond drilling rig after another. Core Drill mainly vertical shaft, and gradually formed a XY series, from XY21, XY22,
XY23, XY24, XY25 to recent years XY26, XY28 and variant production
Products, etc., drilling depth from 100 ~ 3000m deep.

2. Full hydraulic core drilling rig development and status
Abroad from the 20th century, the sixties and seventies, with hydrostatic transmission
Develop and improve the quality of hydraulic components and technology, there has been full hydraulic drive and control the power head rig, thus opening up a new world of core drilling. The first to enter the market of full hydraulic core drilling rig is a Swedish company Diamec AtlasCopco series, received a positive response throughout geological drilling industry, and soon to be popularized. In conventional core drilling rig, the 20th century has been widely used internationally fully hydraulic power head rig, the traditional vertical drilling rig has been rarely used in the manufacture and developed countries. At present, there are many companies in Europe and America rig production automation, automated drilling rig has high production efficiency, represents the development direction of international core rig.
Our hydraulic core drilling rig from the 1970s began from abroad Guoshu kind of full hydraulic power head rig, but the introduction of a small number failed to form productive. During this period, mining system first launched the development of this model, such as the XD2600, XD21000 and other rig. Which XD21000 rig is fully hydraulic top-drive truck-mounted drilling rig, drilling, lifting, breakout, swing pipe and other processes are electro-hydraulic control, a relatively high degree of automation. 1995 FD2300 Full Hydraulic top-drive truck-mounted drilling rig successfully developed and identified through the ministerial level. China started to develop hydraulic drilling rig is not late, but before the 1990s due to the domestic machinery manufacturing industry is relatively backward infrastructure, hydraulic components, quality can not meet the conditions required drilling rigs, poor reliability, coupled with low maintenance levels, high cost, so that the entire hydraulic rig difficult to get widely used.
In the 21st century, with the development of basic industries, hydraulic components continuously improve the quality of the development of hydraulic equipment provides a prerequisite. Especially in recent years, as the Chinese government for geological exploration cause attention and investment, coupled with China's market needs and our geological exploration drilling
Product restructuring needs, the introduction of major Swedish companies Diamec AtlasCopco series and American BoartLongyear's LF series of core drilling equipment. Several units in the digestion and absorption of foreign rig on, has developed a variety of hydraulic core drilling rig in deep and gradually move toward the market.

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