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Drilling pump --The heart of drilling construction

2014-07-31 09:08:50

Drilling pump --The heart of drilling construction

Drilling pump formerly known as "mud pump". If the whole drilling process to the life activities of the human body, so the drilling pump as the human heart, is drilling fluid from the surface to the bottom of the source from the bottom of the well, then return to the ground continuous cycle. Drilling pump is an important part of drilling equipment.

In the drilling cycle is used, it is the surface washing medium -- water, mud or polymer fluid under pressure, through the pressure hose, faucet and drill string center hole, sent straight to the bottom end of the bit, to cool the drill bit, the cut debris cleared and transported to the surface objective.

Drilling pump commonly used is a piston or plunger type, driven by the power machine crankshaft rotary pump, crankshaft and then driven through the crosshead piston do reciprocating motion in the pump cylinder. In the suction valve and discharge valve under the action of alternating, pressure delivery and achieve the purpose of circulating drilling fluid. In the drilling process, if the drilling pump can not work normally, there will be drilling accident underground, just like the person's heart stopped beating.

Classification of drilling pump, by the form can be divided into single drilling pump and double acting pump, according to the number of cylinders can be divided into single, double cylinder, three cylinder and five cylinder etc..

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