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Double acting hydraulic hand pump for sale

2020-05-09 17:06:09

Double acting hydraulic hand pump for sale
The power source of the double acting hydraulic hand pump is artificial power. A one-way hydraulic hand pump is a small hydraulic pump that converts manual mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. Distribution cylinders and special tools can be used for various constructions, such as lifting, bending, straightening, cutting, assembly, dismantling, and other civil and military buildings.

double acting jack and hand pump

Double acting hydraulic hand pump is designed in two stage of high and low speed for quick oil output. Even without power, it can still be easily operated. The operating pressure and function are the same as the electric pump. Manual operation style, oil pipe fitted with quick coupling could be ordered in any length. It could be fitted with pressure meter(to be ordered). The pressure can be stopped in the middle and the internal design exceeds the pressure safety device to protect the hydraulic valve. The accessory includes a 2M high-pressure hose and a P/T 3/8-inch threaded plug, which must be replaced semi-annually.

double acting hydraulic manual pump

Due to the use of double acting hydraulic hand pump, it is considered a hydraulic power source and is designed for emergencies and explosions. The external type is compact and lightweight, so it is lightweight and reliable. Double acting manual hydraulic pump is widely used in power, metallurgy, copper iron ore, shipbuilding, petrochemical, railway, bridge and large-scale machinery. High pressure hand pump can provide power for the cutting tool, the hydraulic compressor, punching machine. 

hand hydraulic pump

Working principle of double acting hydraulic hand pump:
The cam rotates through the motor. When the cam pushes the plunger upward, the seal volume formed by the plunger and cylinder block decreases and the oil is extruded from the sealing volume. When the cam rotates to the falling portion of the curve, the spring forces the plunger down to form a certain degree of vacuum. The oil in the tank enters the seal volume under the action of atmospheric pressure. The cam causes the plunger to rise and fall continuously, the seal volume decreases and increases periodically, and the pump continuously absorbs and drains the oil.

single acting hydraulic hand pump

Main features of double acting hydraulic hand pump:

single acting hydraulic jack with hydraulic hand pump

1. The reasonable structure and appearance design are good-looking and easy to carry.
2. High pressure hand pump can be equipped with manual valve for operating double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

hydraulic hand pump

3. Two-speed operation, high efficiency, large capacity fuel tank, large oil capacities to power a wide variety of cylinders and tools.
4. The body of double acting hydraulic hand pump is made of high strength and light metal, high strength and enhanced engineering plastics, Aluminum-titanium alloy material, light weight, high strength.

ligh weight hand pump

5. Two stage hydraulic system design, high flow and pressure.
6. Pressure can be set according to actual need, high pressure hand pump can be connected to any hydraulic tool.

hand pump with pressure gauge

7. Internal over pressure safety valve to ensure safety.
8. Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection.
9.By using aviation hydraulic oil, working ambient temperature between -30℃~55℃ are supported.
10. Noiseless operation.

hydraulic hand pump factory

11. Double acting manual hydraulic pump has a wide range of uses.
12. Lower handle effort minimizes operator fatigue.
13. No sparks during operation, suitable for the flammable and easy-explosive situation.

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