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Double acting hydraulic cylinder principle

2018-05-19 14:52:08

Double-acting hydraulic jack is a kind of adopting plunger or hydraulic cylinder as a rigid lifting device, which is suitable for high-tonnage lifting operation. It requires high-precision control of object lifting and maintenance operations. In the horizontal pipeline installation operation of the tunnel, its hydraulic reset design can quickly and effectively retract the piston to its original position to prepare for the next pipe.

Double acting hydraulic jack principle

Different types of hydraulic jacks, their working principles vary widely, hydraulic jacks play an important role in the industrial field, the use of hydraulic oil transmission principle, in various ways, the conventional problems encountered by hydraulic jacks, compared to its many advantages can be or Slightly less. When the manual oil pump continuously pressurizes the oil inside the oil cylinder, the oil pressure constantly increases in the oil cylinder, so the piston and the weight on the piston will be forced to move upwards together, and the piston will not continue to rise when it reaches the stroke. By operating the pumping station in the opposite direction, the oil flow is reversed and the cylinder piston is retracted.

Double-acting hydraulic jacks use method

Connect the tubing: first check the connection of each component, fasten the connector to be firmly inserted, use a hand pump or an electric pump to supply the hydraulic jack, and connect the jack and the pump station through the tubing.

Strict compliance with the provisions of the main parameters, it must be remembered that it can not be high enough to overload, otherwise it will re-lift height and lifting tonnage exceeds the prescribed weight, the top of the fuel tank will begin to leak.

Positioning leveling: Ensure that the bottom surface is flat, taking into account the soft and hard conditions on the ground, whether it is to be lined with tough wood or pads, and the placement is stable, so as not to sink or tilt heavy objects. 

500ton hydraulic jack and 40L hand pump

1000Tton hydrualic cylinder

100ton hydraulic jack and manual pump

one pump with two jacks

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