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Quality control and maintenance of foam concrete

2019-08-13 16:45:21

1. Before pouring foam concrete, ensure that there is no water or soft soil on the base; the base soil should be subjected to the necessary rolling treatment, and the compaction should be no less than 85%.

foam concrete pouring application

2. The thickness of cast-in-place foam concrete single layer pouring is controlled by 23m; when the construction temperature is not lower than 15 °C in the same section, the interval between short pouring can be controlled by 8~12 hours, otherwise, the pouring interval The time is not less than 2 days.

3. The pouring construction time of the cast-in-place foam concrete single casting layer should be controlled within the initial setting time of the cement slurry.

4. During the pouring process, when it is necessary to move the pouring pipe, it should be moved back and forth along the direction in which the pouring pipe is placed, and it is not suitable to move the pouring pipe left or right; if it is really necessary to move the pouring pipe left and right, the pouring pipe should be as far as possible to present the concrete that has been poured. The surface moves again.

5. When leveling the surface, try to keep the pouring opening as horizontal as possible and keep the pouring opening as low as possible from the current concrete surface.

6. Minimize walking around in the foamed concrete that has been poured.

foam concrete machine

The natural curing of foam concrete can be divided into cover watering curing and plastic film curing.

Plastic film curing refers to the use of a plastic film as a covering to separate the concrete from the air. The moisture is not evaporated, and the hydration of the cement in the concrete has reached the condensation hardening. This method can be directly applied to the surface of the plastic-covered concrete surface, or sprayed on the surface of the plastic emulsion concrete member, and after the emulsion is evaporated, it is combined into a plastic film on the concrete surface.

foam concrete solid block

In order to keep the concrete components out of the air, the water in the concrete is no longer evaporated and the hydration is complete. The disadvantage of spraying plastic film for 28 days is that the concrete strength is about 8% lower. Because the film is too thin to achieve the function of heat insulation and cold insulation, when using this method, the summer sun protection facilities (not less than 24 h) are added. Otherwise, cracks in the foam concrete will occur.

Covering watering and curing is based on the outside temperature. Generally, the concrete should be covered with straw, abalone, sack, sawdust, wet soil and wet sand within 3-12 hours after pouring the foam concrete, and often watered to keep it moist. The concrete mixed with Portland cement, ordinary cement and slag cement shall not be less than 7 days and nights.

If you want to know more information about our foam concrete machine and foam concrete itself, please feel free to contact us.

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