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Concrete spraying machine for coal mine

2021-10-08 14:47:33

Gaodetec series concrete spraying machine for coal mine is a new generation of wet concrete spraying unit developed by our company. The project has passed the ISO9001 international system certification and obtained the mineral product safety mark certificate issued by the National Security Center. The product is far ahead of similar products in the domestic market in terms of technical content and use value.

concrete spraying machine for coal mine

Coal mining shotcreting machine can be equipped with dry material mixing, automatic watering, stirring, continuous conveying, adding liquid accelerator and spraying. At present, it is the anchor and shotcrete supporting equipment with good comprehensive performance in reducing dust, reducing rebound and saving materials at home and abroad. We have made bold changes in the structure. The newly designed elastic chamber and cyclone separator greatly improve the ability to handle wet materials and service life of vulnerable parts, and reduce the weight of the machine. Coal mine concrete spraying machines are widely used in coal mining, culverts, building foundation pit support, river slope protection and other projects.

Working principle of 
shotcrete machine for coal mine:

We put the mixed dry materials into the mixer hopper manually and evenly, open the valve and water tank device, the materials are humidified and mixed evenly by the mixer, and then sprayed in. Then pressurized gas is delivered through the feed pipe, and the nozzle of the mixed material is sprayed onto the spray surface. When the mixture enters the nozzle, it is sprayed out, and the mixed accelerator liquid is output by the accelerator pump to achieve the purpose of accelerating the solidification of concrete.

At present, the product has a variety of models to meet the different needs of customers.

coal mine concrete spraying machine

The characteristics of coal mine wet concrete spraying machine and coal mine dry concrete spraying machine:

1. Significantly reduce the dust concentration on the construction site and greatly reduce the health hazards of workers.

2. Low elasticity. Dry spraying, the concrete rebound rate can reach 25%-50%; using wet spraying technology, the rebound rate can be reduced to 10%-15%.

3. The concrete strength after solidification is higher.

4. Accurate proportioning of accelerator is in a leading position at home and abroad.

If you have any questions or have a specific need and please don't hesitate to ask. Email: info@gaodetec.com 

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