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How to use self-locking hydraulic jack

2019-10-16 18:04:05

Self-locking hydraulic jacks are mainly used in applications where heavy loads are required for long periods of time. When hydraulics is removed, they can still support heavy loads and are safe and reliable.

Self-locking hydraulic jacks manufacturers

The design of the self-locking jack is a perfect combination of hydraulic principle and mechanical principle. It has thread in the whole stroke range of the piston rod. After fully jacking, the retaining ring can be unscrewed until it is against the cylinder. The ring and the cylinder are stressed, so that the oil pump can be removed to realize the self-locking of the jack, thereby achieving the long-term support of the weight. Mainly used for equipment installation in electric power, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railway bridges, shipbuilding and other industries, as well as continuous support and testing operations for truss and truss bridges.

self-locking jack for sale

How to use self-locking hydraulic jack? Let me introduce to you below self-locking hydraulic jack use method:
1. It is necessary to check whether the parts are normal before use.
2. When using self-locking hydraulic jack, the provisions of the main parameters should be strictly observed. Avoid excessive overload and partial load. Otherwise, when the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the specified level, serious oil leakage will occur at the top of the self-locking jack.
3. The center of gravity of the heavy object should be moderately selected. The focus of the self-locking hydraulic jack should be selected reasonably. The bottom surface should be leveled. At the same time, the soft and hard conditions of the ground should be considered, whether the tough wood should be padded, whether the placement is stable or not, so as to avoid the load sinking or tilt.
4. After the self-locking jack lifts the heavy object, the large nut should be screwed from the top of the piston rod to the top of the cylinder in time. It is forbidden to use the hydraulic pressure as a support for the self-locking jack.
5. When several self-locking hydraulic jacks are lifting at the same time, please use Gaodetec CLL series self-locking hydraulic jack. In addition to the correct placement of the self-locking top, a multi-top diverter valve should be used, and the load of each self-locking top should be balanced, taking care to keep the lifting speed synchronized. It is also necessary to consider the possibility that the ground may be sunken due to uneven weight, and it is dangerous to prevent the weight from being tilted.

self-locking hydraulic jack  for sale

6. When using, first connect the quick connector of the manual pump to the top, then select the position and screw the oil drain screw on the oil pump to work. To lower the piston rod, the manual oil pump hand wheel is slightly loosened in the counterclockwise direction, the cylinder is unloaded, and the piston rod is gradually lowered. Otherwise, falling too fast will be dangerous.
7. After lifting, you can quickly remove it, but you can't use the connected hose to pull the self-locking jack.
8. The self-locking hydraulic jack should be prevented from vibrating severely during use.
9. Self-locking jacks are not suitable for use in workplaces with acid and alkali and corrosive gases.

self-locking hydraulic jack details

To learn more about self-locking hydraulic jacks, please visit our official website:https://www.gaodetec.com/anchor-equipment-and-tools/ 
If you have any questions, please contact us directly and we will get back to you in the first time. Email address: info@gaodetec.com 

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