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How to prevent damage to the ring and cut concrete pump glasses board?

2015-01-19 10:29:42

Concrete pumps in the production process, due to improper use, can easily lead to premature failure of some components, seriously affected the production process, while cutting ring plates and glasses as a very important component of concrete pumps, the usual maintenance is very important . So how everyday life usually prevent damage to the ring and cut concrete pump glasses, plates of it?
Experts pointed out: cutting ring and a pair of glasses, plates as close coordination with the relative motion of the components, the contact surface between the two is very important, in order to avoid wear and tear, usually in the contact surface will be welded with a layer of wear-resistant material. S-shaped tube through the end of the spline shaft shaped nut, adjustable gap between the two (0.1 to 0.2) mm, which can effectively prevent the cutting ring and glasses board sports injuries.

In order to ensure flexibility in cutting ring and glasses, plates freely relative motion during use, the S-shaped tube with rubber spring and will be between the cutting ring, but with the use of time, rubber spring will slowly lose their elasticity, making the cut ring plates and glasses worn joints, eventually leading to an increase in the gap between the two. When the gap> 0.7 mm, it should immediately adjust this trainee, to avoid pumping mortar by the "gap" into the room. Because once the mortar into the friction surface, cutting ring and wear glasses, plates speed will be greatly accelerated.

In the process of pumping concrete, the cutting ring generally S-shaped tube with swing and swing, played the role of cutting concrete, so to some extent, the faster the cutting ring wear, pressure at the outlet of the more concrete high degree of wear of the cutting ring more serious. In general, the wear of the cutting ring will first occur in the edge portion, usually in the upper part into two symmetrical parts 90 ° angle. When these parts cutting ring wear, it may be cut at an angle of rotation ring after continued use, which is equivalent to extend the life of the cutting ring doubled.

And usually wear glasses board its first occurs at the middle of the bridge of the nose, under normal circumstances, the greater the gap between the glasses, plates and cutting ring, wear faster, so the use of the process, the operator must always pay attention to the glasses the gap between the plate and cutting ring gap increases if it is found, it should be immediately tightened shaped nut or replace worn parts, to prevent mortar into the friction surface. In the spring when the rubber loses its elasticity, it should be replaced immediately. For cutting ring can be repaired and glasses, plates, you can continue to use the D507 through after welding electrodes.

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