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How to check the fine aggregate concrete pump lubrication system?

2015-02-10 08:59:25

Fine aggregate concrete pump as a delivery device for the warm concrete construction, has been in the current majority of the construction unit has been very widely used. However, in order to prolong the life of fine aggregate concrete pump, everyday life should also be fine aggregate concrete pump for effective maintenance, so how to check the fine aggregate concrete pump lubrication system it?

Fine aggregate concrete pump lubrication system is fine aggregate concrete pump a very critical part, in order to effectively maintain it, you must make sure that within the lubricating oil pump is adequate and clean at all times, while lubricating the joints can not be any pipeline spills phenomenon . Also should always check the functioning parts of the lubrication conditions, there is lack of oil, if the site once found, they should immediately stop checks, to prevent any accidents.
Fine aggregate concrete pump lubrication system should be checked from the following aspects:
1, if it is found during the inspection indicator rod lubrication distributor pop, then you should be excluded in accordance with the corresponding lubrication pipeline blockage.
2, every day to check the validity of centralized lubrication systems.
3, when the oil pump is empty after adding oil often is not easy because of air bubbles pumped reasons, in which case it should open the outlet of the pump, oil pump running until the oil well tubing followed by re-flowing.
4, centralized lubrication system lubrication points not covered by the manual grease gun to lubricate.
5. Check the level of oil and lubricants.
6, the mechanical structure greased surface to prevent exposure, long-term placement of equipment to fully lubricate all components.

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