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Concrete pump construction technology

2016-05-25 18:33:08

1. Safe use and operation of the concrete pump, operating instructions must be strictly enforced and other relevant regulations. specialized operating points are customized according to instructions.

2. Concrete pump operator must undergo special training qualified before induction operate independently.

3. When pumping concrete, concrete pump legs to fully extended, and plug the safety pin.

4. Concrete pump in communication with the delivery tube, it must conduct a comprehensive inspection by the concrete instructions for the pump, in order to meet the requirements after the boot empty running.

5. After concrete pump starts, the amount of water should be pumped to wet concrete pump hopper, a piston and an inner wall of the duct and other parts in direct contact with the concrete.

6. By pumping water check, confirm and concrete pump delivery pipe free of foreign material, the first concrete pumps and lubrication delivery tube wall.

① pumping grout;

② pumping 1:2 cement mortar;

③ pumping and coarse aggregate in concrete in addition to other components outside the same mix of cement mortar. Lubrication of grout or cement mortar should be decentralized cloth can not be concentrated in one place casting.

7. When start pumping concrete pump should be in a slow, uniform and readily reversible pump state. Pumping speed should be slow after the fast, gradual acceleration. At the same time, you should observe the work pressure concrete pumps and systems, the system is running smoothly until each square normal pumping speed.

8. Concrete pumping should be carried out continuously. If you must interrupt, the interrupt time must not exceed stirred until finished pouring concrete from the allowed duration.

9. When pumping concrete, the piston stroke should be kept running.

10. When pumping concrete, such as the air within the suction duct, should be immediately pumped out anti concrete hopper to re-mixed, and then pumping the exhaust air.

11. When pumping concrete, water or cleaning piston chamber filled with water should always be protected.

12. Concrete pumping, lengthening For more than 3m (including 3m) of the delivery tube, the water should still advance and grout or cement mortar, moisten and lubricate the pipe wall.

13. Concrete pumping process can not remove the concrete conveying tube without pouring scattered places.

14. Occurs when concrete pump pressure rises and unstable oil increased significantly the delivery tube vibration phenomena pumping difficulties can not be forced to pump and should immediately identify the cause and take measures to exclude. It can be struck with a wooden stick duct elbow, conical tubes and other parts, and slow or reverse pumping pumps to prevent clogging.

15.  When the duct is blocked, you should take the following measures:

① repeated anti-pump and pump being gradually sucked out of the concrete to the hopper, stirring again after pumping;

② struck with a wooden stick and other methods to identify the blockage site, after the concrete hit song, repeated anti pumps and positive pumps exclude blockage;

③ When the above two methods ineffective, should be in the concrete relief, removal of parts of the delivery tube blockage, after discharging the concrete plugs, before taking over. Before re-pumping, should be excluded after the air tube before tighten the fittings.

16. Concrete pumping, there are plans to interrupt, the interrupt should be part of a pre-determined pouring, pumping is stopped; and the interruption period should not exceed 1h.

17. Non-blocking occurs when the concrete pumping interruption, you should take the following measures:

① concrete pump pumping again after discharge cleaning; or the use of boom concrete pumped into the hopper, a slower cycle intermittent pumping; there is a pipe transporting concrete, it can be slow intermittent pumping;

② stationary concrete pumps, concrete mixing available material transport vehicle, for a slower intermittent pumping; or the use of material in the hopper, intermittent positive anti-pump and pump;

③ When slow intermittent pumping, it should be carried out every 4 ~ 5min positive and negative four pump stroke.

18. When downward pumping concrete should first delivery pipe valve open, to be delivered under section concrete pipe with some pressure before they close the valve.

19. Concrete pumping before coming to an end, should still need to correctly calculate the number of concrete used, and shall promptly inform the concrete mixing place.

20. Pumping, and pumping is terminated when excess concrete waste treatment methods and places shall be determined in advance, timely and properly handle.

21. When finished pumping, concrete pumps and duct should be cleaned.

22. Exclude blockage, re-pumping or cleaning concrete pumps, export fabrics equipment should be towards a safe direction, to prevent clogging or waste slurry high-speed flying wounding.

23. When more than one pump while pumping concrete or in combination with other delivery method for delivering concrete, should be envisaged in the respective transmission capacity, pouring and pouring regional order. And it should be clear division of labor, with each other, unified command. 

concrete pump construction technology

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