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Colloidal high speed cement grout mixer

2023-10-04 17:21:41

Colloidal high speed cement grout mixer is a single drum, high-speed and high shear device, which is specially designed for efficient production of cement-based cement slurry.

colloidal high speed cement grout mixer

It is widely used in grouting construction, especially mixed slurry; The 
colloidal high speed mixer can quickly mix water, cement, bentonite, sand and other additives. The finished product has colloidal properties and is almost insoluble in water.
Therefore, colloidal high-speed cement mixer is widely used in engineering departments in water conservancy and power, coal, railway, transportation, construction, mining and other fields.

colloidal high speed mixer

Gaodetec equipment 
colloidal high speed cement mixer can handle cement/sand weight ratio up to 1:3 and produce pumpable mixture. It will mix a variety of materials such as cement / p.f.a. premix, bentonite, lime or chemicals.

colloidal high speed cement mixer

Characteristics of 
colloidal high speed grout mixer:
The mixer shown is a skid mounted device for tunnel or mining applications. If required, the device can be provided on a field mobile chassis. It is designed and constructed to withstand any harsh field conditions.

colloidal high speed grout mixer

We design and export 
colloidal high speed grout mixers all over the world. We attach great importance to innovation to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the market and continue to provide our valued customers with the best products. Leadcrete has been producing grouting pumps, grouting machines, grouting mixers and many other mining and civil related products for the global market for 9 years. Focus on grouting equipment and provide a full range of grouting mixers, grouting pumps and cement grouting equipment. Electric and diesel engines are available for customers to choose from. For more details on colloidal high speed cement grout mixer for sale, please email us: info@gaodetec.com

colloidal high speed grout mixer  for sale

In order to provide you with the appropriate model as soon as possible and quote you the best 
colloidal high speed mixer price in Vietnam, please tell us the following points in your inquiry, because Gaode equipment is the leading brand of grouting mixer in China. Now there are about seven models of grouting mixer to choose from, and we can also customize the appropriate grouting mixer for you, it can design the grouting mixer according to your needs or customize the color for you.

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