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China Fine Stone Concrete Pump Manufacturing Company

2018-07-26 16:22:56

Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd is China concrete pump manufacturing company. When you receive the concrete pump from us, and it starts to work, you must notice the heating problem, and knowing how to solve it.

If fine stone concrete pump is heating, it has two reasons: the first one is its design; the second one is hydraulic unit is breakdown or uncorrect operation.

China concrete pump manufacturer

Of course, the solution will be different aimed at different reasons. If because of unreasonable design, which make hydraulic system heating, how to course it? If leak is higher in the side, it will make oil heating, then system is heating. The inner leaking of hydraulic system of china fine stone concrete pump, including hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor and hydraulic valve, pressure will be lower during hydraulic oil is leaking, temperature will be higher. If inner leaking is rising, it will make oil heater, system is too hot, system pressure will be lower, pump will be not powerful, make output and mixing capacity lower, lower rotate speed if too serious. So you should regularly check those hydraulic unit, regularly change new seal kits, avoiding system is too hot because of hydraulic unit is leaking.

Small concrete convey pump’s hydraulic system, heating problem during working is a nonnegligible question. The heating of hydraulic system will course many troublesome. For China concrete pump manufacturer, we should solve the problem from design, make the heat of hydraulic system of fine stone concrete pump reduce to lowest, if so, not only it can improve the starting rate of small concrete pump and lengthen its life, but it also could save engine and reduce cost. For the user of trailer concrete pump, we must manufacturer the concrete pump as per production standard, correctly operate it, testing, checking it to reduce breakdown and heading.

If you have any question about trailer concrete pump, welcome to inquiry us. Here is our email: info@gaodetec.com

China concrete pump manufacturing company

China fine stone concrete pump

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