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Chemical resistance peristaltic pump hose

2023-02-18 16:32:07

The rubber peristaltic pump hose produced by our company has a long life and application of the lining of the inner lining of the hose. High-intensity synthetic fiber wound. The tube is soft and has strong elasticity and wear-resistant pressure. The company's food-grade heat and chemical resistance peristaltic pump hose has a good recovery performance, long service life, and durability.

chemical resistance peristaltic pump hose

food grade heat peristaltic pump hose

peristaltic pump hose

The tube of the peristaltic pump hose is added to the synthetic fiber to enhance the overall performance of the tube body. During the use process, the heat is low, and the complexity is good. The glue tube has good positive pressure resistance and negative pressure and has the characteristics of good acid resistance, alkali, oil, and high temperature, which can transport more than 90%of today's chemicals.

peristaltic pump hose manufacturer

The main ingredients of food-grade heat and chemical resistance peristaltic pump hose include natural rubber (general weak acid and alcohol), butyl rubber (oil-resistant, alkaline metal and cleaner, etc.), and trifle ethylene rubber (suitable for ketone, alcohol, and alcohol and. Concentrated acid) and so on. The use temperature of the hose is ≤100 ° C. Considering the production of heat during the production process, it is generally used in the condition of a medium temperature of <80 ° C. If the heat dissipation conditions are better, the medium temperature can be 100 ° C. If the material temperature is> 100 ° C, a special thermal resistance is needed. You can also carry out non-standard designs according to user needs. If you are interested in our squeezing tube or want to customize the pump for your hose, you can contact us directly, mailbox: info@gaodetec.com

peristaltic squeeze hose pump hose

Food grade heat and chemical resistance peristaltic pump hose application range:
1. The construction and building materials industries, such as concrete, cement mortar, ceramic glaze pulp, etc.;
2. Paper-making, such as pulp, sulfurized, etc.
3. Drill mud in the petroleum industry;
4. Transportation of water treatment industry, such as silt, lime slurry, etc.
5. The transportation of acid, alkali, phosphate pulp and titanium dioxides such as acid, alkali, phosphate pulp and titanium dioxide in the chemical industry;
6. Mining metallurgical and raw material industries, such as calcium carbonate, rolling steel, iron oxide skin, and various ore pulp;
7. Transportation of various pharmaceutical solutions in the pharmaceutical industry;
8. The food industry's oil (excluding solvent) and beverage transportation;
9. Other industries, such as nuclear waste, electrolytic waste residue, metal residue, coatings, adhesives, glue, latex, various abrasives, refractory fiber pulp, etc., have high sealing requirements with high, large viscosity, and large particle content;

peristaltic pump hose appliacation

hose used for squeeze hose pump

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