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Faults and solutions of center hollow hydraulic jack

2023-01-09 16:45:13

Center hollow hydraulic jack is an essential lifting device in our production operations, especially in the process of equipment maintenance or railway laying, it is widely used. However, the production process of the center hollow hydraulic jack is relatively cumbersome, and it is technically a special hydraulic jack. For friends who do not often use hydraulic jacks, they do not know what to do when the center hollow hydraulic jack encounters a fault. To help you solve this problem, let me tell you about the fault and the solution:

center hollow hydraulic jack

1. The center hollow hydraulic jack small pump often leaks oil during use, which is mainly caused by the failure of the pump core to return in time after use, or the wear or rupture of the seals caused by the long-term use of the pump body. To solve this problem, clamp the hydraulic jack on the vise, disassemble the small pump, tighten the seal inside, or replace the new seal in time. It is best to loosen the oil release valve and pull out the pump core for cleaning.

2. Unable to lift. This problem is also very simple. Generally, it is caused by the lack of lubricating oil inside the center hollow hydraulic jack, or there are impurities stuck to the steel ball, resulting in the jack cylinder being stuck. To deal with this kind of failure We can lubricate the hydraulic jack. Then disassemble the center hollow hydraulic jack in time to clean up impurities, but during this process, be careful not to let air enter the interior of the hydraulic jack.

center hollow hydraulic jack for sale

3. After use, the piston rod is pressed down and then automatically lifted. If the fault occurs in the center hollow hydraulic jack, it means that there is air inside. We need to press the piston rod for a long time, open the fuel port, and let the air get out. Remember to add butter at the end to seal.

4. The lifting is not in place and the standard height cannot be reached. The reason why the center hollow hydraulic jack cannot rise to the height is because the internal oil is not filled up, or the loss is reduced due to long-term use. This kind of failure is also easy to deal with, that is, to increase lubrication oil, to ensure the tightness of the center hollow hydraulic jack and sufficient internal oil level, a small amount of oil overflow is no problem.

The above are some faults encountered by center hollow hydraulic jack and the corresponding solutions. I hope the above content will be helpful to you. For more information, please contact our email, info@gaodetec.com

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