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Cement plaster praying machine for sale

2019-08-04 13:58:50

The cement plaster praying machine, mainly used for high-rise building construction, detailing its superiority.

The cement plaster praying machine mortar pump features:

Electronic control system: fully enclosed electrical control box, protection control device can work under severe conditions; adopt PLC programmable, program control box simplifier, significantly improve reliability and life, and with fault display function, easy to troubleshoot. Limited remote control for safe and convenient operation

The cement plaster praying machine aggregate concrete pump:

The coarse aggregate material is good, and it can pump concrete with coarse aggregate. It can be widely used in tunnel construction, water conservancy construction and other work places where the aggregate is coarser and the cement is less. The company has two kinds of coarse aggregate pumps, such as deck pump and S valve tube, which have high pressure, long service life of acid and alkali, easy maintenance and maintenance, and the application range is greatly expanded.

Cement plaster spraying machine

How to use fine stone mortar pump:

1. Remove the sleeve with the piston that is carried randomly, loosen the M16×1.5×35 bolt on the piston rod, take out the piston pressure pad, and remove the piston;

2, remove the cylinder liner;

3. Use a wrench to catch the other side of the lever, loosen the coupling thread of the tie rod and the crosshead, and remove the piston rod.

4. Disassembly of the seal seat

5. After removing the cylinder liner, the sealing seat can be taken out;

6. Loosen the three fastening screws of the oil seal gland and remove the gland;

7. Remove the 32×45×7 dust seal and the 32×45×7K oil seal.

Lubricating method for fine stone mortar conveying pump

Lubrication extends the life of the equipment and minimizes wear on moving parts. All gears and bearings and moving parts must be well lubricated and prevent other impurities from entering the oil.

cement plaster pump

Warning of precautions for fine stone mortar pump:

Regularly check the lubrication of the pump body, and replace the new, sufficient, and matching lubricants every 6 months! ! ! The inner bearing of the clutch is lubricated with No. 3 calcium-based grease ZG-3 (GB491-65) with a dropping point of >85 ° C and a penetration of 220-250 (at 25 ° C). Other moving parts such as bearings and gears, connecting rods and crossheads are splash-lubricated by L-AN full loss system oil (GB/T443-1989) in the pump body, 32 in winter, kinematic viscosity 28.8~35.2, flash point >150°C In summer, No. 46, kinematic viscosity 41.4 ~ 50.6, flash point > 160 ° C

Cement plaster praying machine for sale

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