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Wide application of cast-in-place concrete

2019-10-06 15:25:29

Foam concrete machine is used to make foam concrete, which can be used in many worksites.

Foam concrete machine for casting concrete

The cast-in-place foamed concrete material has the advantages of low density, light weight, high strength, integral formation after filling, good impact resistance, no side pressure, and small foundation load. After the abutment is backfilled with foam concrete, it is in an over-consolidated state, which reduces settlement and uneven settlement, eliminates the post-construction settlement of the embankment itself, and avoids the bridgehead jumping disease, and has obvious technical advantages.


In the construction of high-filled bridges, the abutment of the road and bridge junction, the soft connection between the main bridge and the approach bridge, etc., are usually filled with low compression ratio soil (such as gravel soil or gravel residual soil). During the construction process, every 20~1250 px of soil needs to be compacted to meet the design requirements. The next layer is filled, compacted, compacted, filled to the design elevation, and the settlement time is long after construction (months). elevation. (6 months or more) paving layers. Due to the long settling period after construction.


After the abutment, the soft connection between the main bridge and the approach bridge or bridge head, after the laying and use of the pavement structure layer, due to overload, rainwater infiltration and poor bearing capacity of the foundation, it is easy to produce uneven settlement. It constitutes a jump, called a bridgehead jump. 70% of the bridge repair cost is used to repair the bridgehead jump. The traditional treatment method is to improve the foundation bearing capacity, which is not only difficult to solve the problem fundamentally, but also has problems such as long construction period and poor economy.

foam concrete machine cast in place

Foamed concrete is a new type of lightweight concrete material that can replace the earth to fill the abutment. The foam is prepared by a physical method using a foaming agent aqueous solution as a raw material, and then the foam is added to a cement slurry composed of a cementitious material, an aggregate, an admixture, and water. Porous lightweight cast-in-place concrete formed by natural conservation. Lightweight, environmentally friendly, cast-in-place, low cost and other unique features. At present, cast-in-place foam concrete is widely used in industrial or civil buildings, such as roof insulation, floor insulation, indoor and outdoor cushions, exterior wall insulation, non-load-bearing walls or tunnels, foundation pit filling, etc.

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