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The Benefits of Foam Concrete Board

2018-05-04 14:56:50

1, Lightweight for foam concrete board

The density of foam concrete board is small, the density level is generally 300-1800kg/m3, and the density level of commonly used foam concrete is 300-1200kg/m3. For structural components, if foam concrete is used in place of ordinary concrete, the capacity of the component can be increased. Therefore, the use of foam concrete board in construction projects has significant economic benefits.

2, Thermal insulation for foam concrete board

Because foam concrete board contains a large number of closed fine pores, it has good thermal insulation properties, which is not available in ordinary concrete. The foam concrete board with a density range of 300-1200kg/m3 usually has a thermal conductivity of 0.08-0.3w/(m·K) and a thermal resistance of about 10-20 times that of ordinary concrete. The use of foam concrete board as a building wall and roofing material has a good energy-saving effect.

3, Soundproof and fireproof for foam concrete board

Foam concrete board is a porous material, so it is also a good sound insulation material, which can be used as the sound insulation layer on the floors of buildings and the noise barriers of highways, the top floors of underground buildings and the like. Foam concrete board is an inorganic material that does not burn and has good fire resistance. It can be used in buildings to increase the fire resistance of buildings.

performance of the foam concrete

4, The overall performance of the foam concrete board is good

The construction can be poured on site and combined with the main project.

5, low elastic shock absorption for foam concrete board

The porosity of the foam concrete board gives it a low modulus of elasticity so that it has a good absorption and dispersion effect on impact loads.

application for the foam concrete

This foam concrete board can be produced by the
GM2000 foam concrete mixermachine,which has an excellent integrity ,and the foam concrete mixer machine is easy to operate, low labour intensity and low building cost. The foam concrete mixer machine also has the advantages of high mixing quality, stable performance, low energy consumption, good sealing, and short discharging time. 

foam concrete mixer machine

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