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650 ton hollow prestressing jack for sale

2021-03-02 20:06:41

650 ton hollow prestressing jack for sale
Hollow prestressing jacks are special jacks used to tension steel strands and other prestressed concrete. The hollow prestressing jack must be used in combination with the tension oil pump, and the tension and topping power is provided by the high pressure oil in the tension oil pump. The hollow prestressing jack has a compact structure, and has stable work during tension, high oil pressure, and large tension. It is widely used in prestressed construction projects such as highway bridges, railway bridges, hydroelectric dams and skyscrapers. The accuracy of the tension value of the prestressed hydraulic jack device directly affects the production of project quality and safety.

hollow prestressing jack for sale

The stressful 650 ton hollow prestressing jack uses a special tension machine. When manufacturing prestressed concrete parts, you can apply tension to prestressed concrete. Most of the special hydraulic jacks are double-acting hollow jacks.
Hollow jacks for sale are suitable for applying tension on steel or steel wire bundles and are mainly composed of tension cylinders, press cylinders, press pistons and springs. The feature is that there is a core hole along the axis of the stretcher. After the steel bar or steel wire has penetrated, it is secured by the tool at the tail. When extended, the front and rear oil nozzles open, and the rear oil nozzles supply oil to the tension-operated oil chamber. The body moves backwards. The steel cable is secured to the tool anchor on the top layer of the jack, so a 300 ton prestressed hydraulic jack passes the steel cable through the tool.

hollow prestressing jack for sale

The hollow prestressing jacks on sale use a new type of sealing element, which allows the cylinder body to withstand high pressure and at the same time improves sealing strength. The stressed 650 ton hollow jack uses a special alloy steel cylinder body material equipped with heat treatment technology to reduce the expansion ratio of the cylinder body during tension processing, extending the life and sealing performance of the seal by about 20% improve. An overpressure protection valve has been added to the hollow jack for pressure release protection, considering the problem that the hollow jack is easily damaged by overpressure of the return stroke of the hollow jack during the pulling operation. At the same time, by adopting a wire reel type and flange type structure, we are improving some commonly used models. , The hollow jack is strengthened to withstand the return hydraulic pressure, greatly reducing the possibility of damage to the hollow jack due to improper operation.

In summary, the YDC series hollow prestressing jacks sold with new construction and new technology have improved performance compared to the original through type jacks, and are widely used in various pre-tensioning and post-tensioning methods in the pre-stress construction process. 

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