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Refractory gunning machine for spraying refractory in cement factory


Refractory gunite machine is rotor type gunite machine, widely used for spraying refractory, cast able in steel plant. Compared with common dry mix shotcrete machine, GZ-3ER refractory gunite machine is specially designed for spraying refractory materials. Equipped with ABB frequency converter, it could achieve variable output by adjust frequency converter. There is one set high pressure water pump in GZ-3ER, which will provide atomized high pressure water, and make water and materials fully mixed.

Refractory gunning machine

dry mixture for spraying or transportation is poured in the machine and smoothly fills chamber of the rotor below the hopper. To fill a mixture into the rotor more easily, a electric vibrator and a rippling are fitted in the hopper.
The rotating movement of the rotor moves the mixture along by 180° in the clockwise direction. The mixture is thus blown out from individual chamber of the rotor into transport hoses.
As the materials passes through the blower into the transport hoses, lower pressure air is added to enhance the continuous flow of the material in hoses. The hoses are equipped with the spraying nozzles assay at the end, into which the mixing water is fed at the same time to wet the transported mixture.
The required wetting of the mixture is controlled with the supply cock.

Refractory gunning machine for spraying refractory

refractory gunite machine is a dry monolithic refractory designed for use with dry gun equipment. It usually includes additives to make it stickier.
Gunite is applied by a special machine that uses compressed air to push the dry (or pre-dampened) gunite through a hose and to the target. Water (or additive) is added at the nozzle to moisten the dry mix so it sticks to the surface.

Refractory gunning machine

GZ-3ER refractory gunite machine finds its main applications in the spraying of refractory concrete mixtures during the lining of metallurgic and glass works furnaces, heating plant boilers, coke-oven batteries, etc.; in the metallurgic, chemical and glass working industries. 

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