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GAODETEC N2 Semi-automatic Plastering Machine


GAODEREC N2 semi-automatic plastering machine is a small-size, wet-mixed mortar transfer pump. As a continuously working mixing machine, it is suitable for any type pump-able mortar based on cement, gypsum and insulating mortar.

In the European and other developed countries, this type
cement plastering machine has been universally using with its reliability and stability in performance. The machine consists of portable units, permitting easy and comfortable transport due to their small and handy dimensions and low weights.

N2 semi-automatic plastering machine

Due to region diversity, the cement and sand are different. According to the national standard ratio of 1:3 and considering the operation of our machine, the ratio is listed as following:



Sea sand(fine sand)

River sand(middle sized sand)


For rendering





For surface coating





Remark: the particle diameter should be less than 3mm

In the worksite, only three persons are required for operation. One person delivers material, one person operates the spraying gun, and a third person does the assistant work (for instance: assistant to remove the hose). The whole processes such as water adding, mixing and delivery of the material etc. are implemented by the machine automatically. Compared with the manual operation, our
mortar plastering machine can save manpower, material resources, money and precious time, as well makes the construction quality better and more reliable than the traditional manual operation.

This wall plaster machine can be used for pump-able dry mortars, such as: machine-applicable gypsum plasters, Insulating plasters, Lime-gypsum plasters, Cement render, Lime plasters, Cement-lime render, Masonry mortars, Slot mortars, Reinforcing and bonding mortars, Self-leveling floor screeds, fango materials, and many more. For specific projects, it can be widely used in Interface agent, rendering of normal mortar, plastering of wire frame structure plates, the grouting of terrace, anti fire and anti corrosive coatings, some high-density coatings, etc.

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cement plastering machine

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