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The advantages of foam concrete roof insulation


Foam concrete roof is also known as foamed concrete and foamed cement. It has been developed for many years in the domestic and foreign markets. The technology and market are quite mature. 

As a building energy-saving material, foamed concrete is widely used in: foam concrete roof thermal insulation, floor heating engineering, indoor and outdoor cushions, indoor and outdoor thermal insulation, non-bearing walls, new energy-saving bricks, seismic, sound insulation and other construction engineering fields, resulting in a huge economic and social benefits.

foam concrete

Foamed concrete is applied to roof insulation earlier, and has many technical advantages compared to other insulation materials:

1. Stable thermal performance
Most of the foamed concrete used in roofing is 100% cement. It is a single-component product with stable thermal performance. The thermal conductivity of foamed concrete is 0.06~0.16w/m and the thermal resistance is large.
The thermal conductivity of its products can be controlled according to the design, adjusted and proportioned after calculation to control, the control process is easy and the performance is stable. It can be poured on a large area.

2. High strength.
Foamed concrete is a high-strength insulation material with a compressive strength of 0.25 to 1.50 MPa and a finished product bulk density of 320 to 1200 kg/m³. The strength and bulk density of the foamed concrete can be controlled by changing the ratio of raw materials according to engineering requirements.
The process is easy to control. The use of foamed concrete for roof insulation, especially for person to satand on the roof, has unique advantages. Completely solve the drawbacks of past insulation material strength is not enough and short service life.

3. Water absorption is small.

The foamed concrete contains a large number of independent air bubbles, and the distribution is even, and the overall water seepage rate of the material is small.

4. Easy construction operations

Foam concrete can be used for site operations, a device just need 3-4 people to operate. Daily capacity is 65 ~ 120m³, no need to use other ancillary equipment, construction speed is fast.

foam concrete roof

5. Good liquidity in construction.

Foamed concrete has a unique liquid state and strong foaming, strong fluidity, can be pumped from a distance, and has strong work injection ability, a high degree of mechanization, hose pumping, and direct pouring.

6. Long service life

The high-tech integrity of the foamed concrete is very good, and it is closely integrated with the main project. It does not need to retain the boundary gaps and vent pipes, and has a low elastic modulus, so it is not easy to produce swell and cracks. The service life is 50 years, basically the same as the life of the main body.

The problem is that how to produce the good foam concrete:

foam concrete roof insulation

We can use the foam concrete machine to manufacture the foam concrete, which is assembled, put feeding, mixing, foaming and pumping system together, all parts in one, so it is easy to operate and use.
It has specially designed a frequency converter to adjust the volume of foam, so in this way, we can guarantee the performance of the final foam concrete. 

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