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The debugging condition of concrete mixing trailer pump


Concrete mixing trailer pump is widely used for foundation, grouting pile, floorslab, road, site formation works, slope protection, irrigation canals and ditches, watercourse, bridge, culvert,  tunnel, small and medium-sized reservoirs, etc. In order to well use the trailer pump, users must know the features, quality and service when they buy the concrete trailer pump avoiding problem. Concrete mixing trailer pump must have the below condition when the concrete trailer pump is accepted.

1. Kinds of parts and accessories of condition equipment should be complete as per standard equipment.

2. Hydraulic oil and lubricating oil should be prepared in advance, the quality of hydraulic oil should meet requirement.

3. Pouring hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil and cold water according to requirement, and hydraulic oil is added to level required.

4. Checking concrete pump, debugging and trial run, if the concrete mixing pump could enter into normal run, and hydraulic system should meet requirement after debugging.

5. Pipe diameter of concrete conveying pump is 125mm for debugging used.

6. Test concrete should meet standard.

7. Debugging equipment should be placed on the flat and hard ground.

Not only user should check the concrete mixing trailer pump strictly, but also maintain work must do as often. If so, concrete mixing trailer pump could be longer life and reach the perfect effect.

concrete mixing trailer pump

concrete trailer pump

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