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The Application of Prestressing Concrete Anchorage


Prestressing anchorage is a kind of permanency anchor device in prestressing concrete, in order to keep the tensile force of prestressed tendons and transfer it into concrete, it also called prestressing anchorage.

Prestressed anchor
can be provide into two types:

The first one is tension end anchor system. It is installed at prestressed tendons, and keep prestressing tendons anchorage when the process of tension tendons. As per different anchor type, tension anchor system can be provided into, wedges anchor for stressing prestressed PC strand, steel cone anchor for stressing high tensile steel wire, pier protective anchor for stressing high tensile steel wire after pier protective, upper and lower nuts for stressing fining twisted steel bar, cold cast pier protective for stressing multi-strands steel wire tendons, and other types.

The second one is dead end anchor system. It is installed at the end of prestressing tendons, usually, it is buried into concrete but not for tension anchor system. It is called extruding anchor or P anchor.

The newest standard of anchor for prestressing tendons is the People’s Republic of China prestressed anchor, wedges and couplings(GB/T 14370-2007); Ministry of Railways prestressing anchor, wedges and couplings(TB/T3193-2008).

Prestressed concrete anchor is applied for road bridge, railway bridge, city flyover and light rail, high-rise buildings, water conservancy and hydropower dam, port and pier, rock mass slope protection anchor, strengthening of foundation, the tunnel vault crown, the prestressing force net frame, underground, large government building projects, warehouse workshop, tower building, replacement of bridge seat, strengthening of bridge and buildings, reinforcing bar engineering, pretensioned beam factory construction, stayed-cable, suspended cable and so on.

To be continued.

9 holes prestressed concrete anchor

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