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RR Series of Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder


RR series of double acting hydraulic cylinder have large capacity, light weight, it can be remotely operated at any space and site, and it is equipped a high pressure electric oil pump(electric pump station) it can do kinds of different work, for example, lifting, pulling, pushing, extruding, pressuring and other working type. The type of double acting cylinder is widely used for lifting, installing, adjusting and checking on traffic, railway, bridge, shipbuilding, construction, industry and mining.

The feature of double acting hydraulic cylinder is below: the type of hydraulic cylinder is suitable for the lifting site of large tonnage; double acting, hydraulic return; chromeplate plunger rod, resistant to corrosion and stand wear and tear; standard install hole is designed the bottom of cylinder; special craft processing of the surface in the cylinder body, it could assure more enduringly used; NPTF dry seal thread design and equipped a high performance quickly couplings; stoving varnish is specially handed on the surface of cylinder, it could supply more strange force of resistant to corrosion.

The method of application of double acting hydraulic cylinder are below: if oil pf cylinder is not enough, pump need to be poured some 10# machine oil; before working, you should estimate the lifting capacity, don’t use it under over loading; confirming the center of gravity of heavy, choose the point of strength of cylinder, at the same time, it must consider that hard degree of ground, whether there are tough wooden material in case that the cylinder is dumping when lifting; after cylinder lift heavy, it should use tough wooden to support the heavy, don’t make cylinder working as upholder in case of unbalance loading; before using quick couplings of pump should be connected with cylinder, then choose a suitable place, screwing tight the oil outlet of oil pump, and then start to work. Screwing loose the oil outlet, oil cylinder is unloading. 

double acting hydraulic cylinder

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