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How to replacement the rubber bearing with 150 tons synchronous lifting hydraulic jack?

2019-11-14 14:30:47

How to replacement the rubber bearing with 150 tons synchronous lifting hydraulic jack?
In order to ensure the safety of the bridge after five years of new bridge construction in China, it is necessary to replace the rubber bearing with 150 tons synchronous lifting hydraulic jack. According to the beam structure of the bridge and the weight of the bridge, select the appropriate synchronous lifting hydraulic jack and determine the position of the synchronous jacking according to the needs. The usual method of use is to place 4 sets of synchronous hydraulic jacks under one support, which is driven by the pump station or synchronous system. Multiple hydraulic jacks lift the beam at the same time. In order to ensure the safety of the jacking, it is necessary to ensure the synchronization of the jacking of the 150 tons synchronous hydraulic jack.

150 tons synchronous lifting hydraulic jack

Zhengzhou Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in the development of bridge jacking special synchronous lifting hydraulic jacks for bridge jacking projects, using special material steel manufacturing, imported hydraulic sealing ring, mature self-locking device to ensure the safety of bridge jacking. Place it in the small space of the main beam and the cover beam and directly lift the beam body. The pressure sensor and the displacement sensor are used to accurately detect the jacking state of the beam body.
Compared with other hydraulic jacks, this type of hydraulic jack has significant advantages in bridge jacking: It is suitable for applications requiring long-term extension of the piston to support the load, efficient characteristics and safety of mechanical load, and support for bridge erection.

lifting hydraulic jack

Single-acting, spring-return design with threading throughout the entire stroke length to match the entire locking ring thread. The nut lock makes the load safer. It is very simple to operate, that is, lift the load first, then tighten the lock ring to make it compact with the hydraulic jack, then release the liquid pressure and rely on the mechanical support load. Improve the safety of the bridge.
Excellent quality, quick step, 150 tons synchronous lifting hydraulic jack manufacturer, please choose Zhengzhou Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd.

synchronous lifting hydraulic jack

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