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Work principle and matters needing attention of grouting pump used in mining

2016-11-30 11:18:36

Used under the mine grouting pump is not as easy as the ground grouting, in the mine grouting pump a lot of aspects need to be noticed, only in this way can guarantee your grouting success, as grouting equipment factory, took on talk to you need to be aware of.

1, Check of the mine grouting environment clean and tidy is safe.

2, Grouting at each location shall not be less than 2 people, 1 person patrol line 1 person to check the grouting at the section of roadway floor heave, near run plasma phenomena.

3, Grouting place to set a special phone, the phone will hang from the roof where no spill without water, mortar, grouting hole distance cannot be more than 10 meters, and ensure smooth communication.

4, Check the orifice tube grouting pump, grouting before, whether the switch freely.

5, Check whether the ball valve is blocked, the ball valve switch is flexible, ball screw, threaded flange plate, grouting tee if there is a down silk, silk thread, the phenomenon such as slide fastener, if any should be replaced in a timely manner.

6, Grouting pump flange connection head screwed on the length of the thread length must be greater than 2 "ball valve, and the connection 2" ball valve on the thread must be full.
During the grouting, borehole grouting should work every half hour recording an orifice pressure, and keep in touch with the ground grouting station, underground grouting work must match.

8, Grouting pressure stabilized, instead of a 5-speed grouting.

work principle of grouting pump used in mining


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