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Well drilling rig rig how to properly install it?

2015-03-05 10:12:15

Our company is engaged in an earlier wells rig manufacturing services for manufacturers. Here is a well drilling rig rig correct installation method. I hope we can bring a small series introduces some help!
1. Install the rig by skilled operators to carry out, and have someone in charge of directing. In heavy rain, snow and high winds can not stand more than six rigs.
2. Install the front rig, respond to local topography, geology, hydrology, meteorology and flood level to conduct a comprehensive investigation, and check whether the foundation site underground pipes and cables. Drill a minimum distance away from overhead power lines shall comply with the relevant rules of order.
3. In the next scheduled opening flat piece of solid space, an area of ​​not less than 53.3㎡, put before the wellhead tower portion may not be smooth, but not higher than 1m of obstacles, the area for drilling rigs, power machine, mud pump installation, The rest mud mixer, mud tank, drilling and other area can be stored according to site conditions, local conditions for opening the wall, flat.
The excavation diameter Φ600mm, deep hole pit 1 ~ 1.5m at the orifice in a predetermined and digging mud pit cycle trough in between the opening and lake sedimentation tank.
5. On the grounds have been formed by drilling rigs instructions require the installation of the tower base, tower, ground anchors, etc.
6. When the rigs ground beams installed, the diesel engine drives, winch fixed seat bottom in the drill, and then the main hoist rope wound on the drum is fixed on one end of the drum, the other end of the rope through the play tower Then bypassing the crane, and through swimming skids, and finally with Shengka base fixed to the column below the beam, and after the traveling block of the "U" shaped loop hanging on the rings from the tower, from the front tower Check: around the anchor is reliable.

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