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Wet Shotcrete Machine was used for Tunnel Projects

2018-08-25 09:53:42

Gaodetec Equipment wet shotcrete machine were widely used to spraying concrete when build tunnels.

If you want one suitable type wet shotcrete machine to build tunnels, please contact info@gaodetec.com for more information and without any hesitation.

wet shotcrete machine tunnels

And in order to help you confirm which type more suitable for you quickly,

Please tell us the answers of the following questions:

1. Would you want one shotcrete machine?

Shotcrete is poured the mixed concrete into the shotcrete machine and sprayed under pressure into place in layers through a back-and-forth motion of the nozzle. The shotcrete application continues until the designed wall thickness is achieved.

2. Please confirm which type would you like?

For shotcrete machine, we have two types for option.

One is rotor type shotcrete machine; we named it as wet mix shotcrete machine.

The model is GSZ300, its output is 3-5m3/h, acceptable max. Aggregate size is 15mm, max. Horizontal conveying distance is 30m, max. Vertical conveying distance is 10m, please check the link for more detailed.

wet shotcrete pump tunnel

Another is S valve type shotcrete pump; the model is GPS-7A. It output is 5-8m3/h, acceptable max. Aggregate size is 20mm, max. Horizontal conveying distance is 200m, max. Vertical conveying distance is 60m, please check the link for more detailed.

wet concrete spraying machine for build tunnels

How do you think of Gaodetec wet shotcrete machine for building tunnels? Gaodetec has its own technical team and research and development ability, has tens types for option, so could offer suitable type and best solution according to your demands. So please contact us for more information of build tunnels for your business now!!!

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