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what should pay attention to Electric Trailer Concrete Pump in using?

2015-01-13 10:07:25

Experts pointed out: Concrete pump pumping equipment suggested the use of professionals to operate normally at the time of purchase manufacturers will earnestly church site staff Electric Trailer Concrete Pump usage, under normal circumstances pumping equipment placement site should ensure smooth, solid, from the pit while there are a certain distance, and in accordance with the provisions of the power supply. So what is needed when using Electric Trailer Concrete Pump attention?

1.the construction site protection
Usually at the construction site, should ensure that there is a sealed protective shed, while the boom in the arm range of motion should be no obstructions, but there is no high-voltage lines.

2.line pipe laying
In the course of laying the pipe, line pipe laying should generally protect the pumping equipment and pouring points is a straight line, to minimize bending, while the fixed pipe supports and pipe laying must make it secure and reliable, pipe joints should remain sealed and reliable, not the hose and pipe were mixed.

3.the installation of key parts
During the installation process, the non-vertical pipe attached directly to the pump outlet on recommended before erecting vertical pipe attached to a length of not less than 10 meters of horizontal pipe, ensuring horizontal tube into the pump check valve installed at the same time in laying when the pipe downward gradient, it is recommended the lower end of a horizontal tube fitted with a length of at least five times the height of the tilt tube.

4.climatic conditions
During use, ensure that when the wind speed is less than 16 m / sec were pump use Boom job, if the wind is greater than six more cases appear to not use the boom, but when the weather is hot and humid can choose sacks tablets cover pipe.

5.blockage treatment
If the pump tube once the blockage, then it is recommended to stop pumping, after checking the pipe to remove clogging pipes clean, and then re-installed securely sealed to clean up after their clean reset.

6.use and storage of boom processing
During use and during storage in general boom must rope from multiple directions Rachel fixation, if you can not pull the pick proposed to be located temporary support; another suggestion balance when lifting boom lock firmly to prevent the nozzle assembly should bite the hand another boom should be placed on a flat solid grounds.

7.pipeline contraindications
Typically Electric Trailer Concrete Pump the pipeline should be installed to make use of non-automotive pump.

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