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Screw pump in sewage treatment needs attention?

2015-01-14 09:58:43

Abstract: The screw pump is one of many among the larger than itself, transport, absorption lengli relatively strong, can absorb and transport liquid containing particles, PCP has played a great role in waste water treatment.

Screw pump is among a number of pumps, conveying larger than itself,strong absorption, can absorb and transport liquid particles containing PCP has played a great role in waste water treatment, which is widely applied among the sewage treatment, then screw in waste water treatment need pay attention to what?
1.To ensure that debris does not enter the inside of the pump, the sludge is often mixed with a lot of solid impurities, while the impurities would screw these solids cause some damage, and to ensure that contaminants do not enter the interior of the pump becomes it is important, therefore in some sewage treatment plants, people in front of the screw is mounted on a grinder, or install the filter, the main purpose is to be able to ensure that contaminants do not enter the interior of the pump, to avoid clogging caused by mechanical damage, in order to better ensure the screw on sewage treatment.
2.screw in the process of running off material must avoid the appearance of broken material circumstances, if in the event, then the rubber stator pump is likely because of excessive friction caused by being burned, therefore, should do some preventive measures in the above screw is necessary to install blanking devices.
3.To ensure that the outlet pressure of the screw pump, screw pump this pump after pump outlet section by the resistance, the pressure will slowly increase, when the pressure is increased to a certain value, it will lead to an increase in load on the motor, and some related load transmission parts will exceed the rated value, in the case of severe cases can lead to transmission parts broken or burned motor cases, in order to avoid this from happening, so the installation of a pump at the outlet return valve in order to ensure the stability of the pressure.

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