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The classification of the prestressed anchorage of rigging equipment instructions

2014-09-22 09:50:45

The classification of the prestressed anchorage of rigging equipment instructions
The classification of the prestressed anchorage of rigging equipment mainly divided into the following kinds.
1. Block and tackle
Block and tackle is composed of a certain number of crown block and travelling block.It can save Labour can change the direction of the force.
Block and tackle the burden of common component of the weight of the rope line number, the number called work is on the pulley wear round rope root number.How many of the pulley block lifting energy, mainly depends on the working number and the friction resistance of sliding bearing size.Block and tackle the rope ran head can be divided from the crown block (a) and (b) two derivation from the pulley.
2. Hoist
The electric hoist is commonly used in construction, which has two kinds of fast and slow.Slow winch (JJM) is mainly used for lifting structure, cold drawn steel bar and tensioning prestressed concrete;Rapid winch (JJK type) is mainly used for vertical and horizontal transportation and piling transport.
Hoist must land when using prestressed anchorage is fixed, to prevent sliding or overturning when working.Fixed hoist method with prestressed anchor bolt fixing method, the level of prestressed anchor fixation method, solid and vertical prestressed anchor pile method and solid method and so on four kind of prestressed anchorage.
3. The steel wire rope
1) wire rope specifications
Smooth steel wire in wire rope is made of the same diameter twist into steel wire strands, again by six steel wire shares and a shares rope twist, according to the root of a steel wire rope can be divided into three kinds of specifications.
(1) 6 x 19 + 1:6 strands of wire strands, $19 a wire, with a rope.This kind of steel wire thick, hard and wear resistant, not easy to bend, commonly used for LAN wind rope.
(2) 6 x 37 + 1:6 strands of wire strands, 37 of wire, with a rope.This fine wire and a soft, used to wear block group and a sling.
(3) 6 x6 l + l: 6 steel shares, a share of 61 steel wire, with a rope.This wire texture is soft, used for heavy lifting machinery.
2) wire rope type
According to the steel wire and steel wire strands twist in a different direction can be divided into the twisted rope and reverse twist rope two kinds.Twisted rope: twist direction per share of the steel wire and steel wire strands of twist in the same direction, its flexibility, surface smooth, not easy to wear and tear, but easy to loose and kink curl, easy to spin weight when lifting heavy objects, typically used to drag or traction device.Reverse twist rope: steel wire twist direction of a share and twist in the opposite direction of steel wire strands, wire rope is hard, not easy to loose, lifting heavy objects don't kink rotation, used for lifting work.

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