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The classification of the prestressed anchorage is introduced

2014-09-25 10:40:11

The classification of the prestressed anchorage is introduced
Prestressed anchorage in permanent anchor device used in prestressed concrete, is the method in the structure or component, to maintain the tension of the prestressed reinforcement and pass it to inside the concrete anchor tools, also called prestressed anchorage. Prestressed anchorage according to using type can be divided into two broad categories:
First categories - tensioning prestressed anchorage end: installation at the end of prestressed reinforcement and can be in the process of tensioning prestressed reinforcement will always keep on prestressed anchorage state anchoring tool. The tensioning end of prestressed anchorage according to difference of anchorage type also can be divided into: used for tensioning prestressed anchorage of prestressed steel strand clamp plate, conical steel anchor for zhang up strong steel wire, used for heading after zhang up strong steel pier anchor head, used for tensioning of pure rolling screw thread steel nuts, used for tensioning many parallel wire bunch of chill heading anchor and so on the many kinds of types. The prestressed anchorage
Second categories - fixed end prestressed anchorage: installation at the end of prestressed reinforcement, usually embedded in the concrete and not in tensioning of prestressed anchorage, also known as extruding anchor or P anchor. With the latest standard for prestressed anchorage of prestressed steel: prestressed reinforcement of the People's Republic of China with prestressed anchor, fixtures and connectors.
Prestressed anchorage parts, especially an elliptic tower anchor plate, the anchor plate for internal hollow, with at least two layers of convex shape step pyramid structure;Described the anchor plate sinks of the big end stage of the anchor plate is oval or elliptical based runway form the steps, the rest of the steps for round or oval or runway based on elliptic shape the steps, the grouting holes in anchor plate of elliptic or steps within the runway based on elliptic shape steps, described the anchor plate of a class of general for 2 ~ 20 layers;Sink the anchor plate anchor plate cross sectional area of the big end of step and the last step of cross-sectional area ratio of 1.5:1 ~ 4. The oval tower anchor plate is not easy to damage and slurry grouting hole, conducive to anchor plate arranged on the component section, the maximum value of tensile stress of concrete under the anchor is small, the safety of the anchor plate performance is good, as required by the equivalent load, the weight of the product is lighter.

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