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The Advantages of Using a Mortar Pump

2014-07-25 19:01:30

The Advantages of Using a Mortar Pump:

The Advantages of Using a Mortar Pump pump your transportation of materials, plastering a good helper. When conveying, spraying joint operations, can greatly save construction time and labor and improve efficiency. Construction using mortar pump efficiency is above average hand four times. (: S5-type screw economic analysis, refer to the subsequent mortar pump). Moreover mortar pump operating performance, high reliability when used, less ash fall, even when the fabric spray, high adhesion, and not easy to fall off. Can greatly improve labor efficiency and reduce your labor costs.

Has the following advantages:
1.1 works good quality. Spraying pressure is generally more than 0.5Mpa pressure, strong adhesion, bonding firm, no hollowing, cracks and peeling; adhesion is high, not easy to fall off.

1.2 speed, high efficiency. A mechanical spray plastering team consisting of seven people, the date of completion is generally gray base 260-2080m2. (Due to different coating thickness requirements, the completion of the area vary greatly, the ash content is generally 1.5-2 cubic meters per hour).

1.3 reduce labor, reduce costs. Using mechanical spray plaster than manual labor to reduce about 2/3; due shorten the construction period, other mechanical royalties decreased by 35% -50%; comprehensive analysis of the construction cost can be reduced by approximately 30%.

1.4-saving materials and equipment. Currently mortar and mortar delivery mainly by trolley, crane. According to practical experience in construction, in the process of transporting mortar, gray floor at least 5%; addition, mechanical spraying ceiling gray pigment slurry layer may be omitted, in general dormitory about 3kg per square meter of cement, a 9000 m2 of residential buildings, with about 27 tons of cement can be saved; for aerated concrete wall can be directly sprayed gray, eliminating the previous screen or using a plug lead DG glue. Refused to statistics, about 4000 m2 in general dormitory, using mechanical spray plastering, can save about a sub frame and hoist wells due to mechanical occupation time is short, fast turnaround, cost savings on the yuan machinery.

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