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Reasons for damage to post tension hydraulic jacks

2018-10-27 09:34:16

There are three main factors that cause damage to the tension hydraulic jack: in general, one-third of the tension hydraulic jack damage is caused by fatigue damage, the other third is due to poor lubrication, and the other third is due to contaminants.
Enter the post tenison hydraulic jack or use it improperly.

hydraulic jacks

1. Jog: First start the electric hydraulic pump to observe whether the hydraulic electric pump is turning correctly. The power supply is not only without oil output, but sometimes it may cause an accident. Therefore, it is only necessary to “click” when the operation starts. When the electric oil pump sound is normal and the oil is continuously output and there are no other abnormalities, it can be put into continuous operation and no-load debugging.

2. No-load debugging. First run at a low speed of 10-20 minutes, sometimes it is necessary to remove the connection of the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor to the load. Especially in the cold season, this kind of non-load low-speed operation is particularly important. Some imported equipment often has strict requirements, and some are equipped with heaters to heat the tank oil. Trial operation is performed on the action that can be operated at low speed and low pressure.

tension hydraulic jacks

3. Gradually and evenly boost the acceleration. The specific hydraulic jacks operation method is to repeatedly tighten and immediately loosen the pressure or flow adjustment handle of the relief valve and flow valve several times, and observe the pressure rise and fall of the pressure and the speed change of the actuator by the pressure gauge. In case of heat, vibration and noise of the hydraulic is pump.

4. According to the action cycle table combined with the electrical machinery to debug each individual action, then transferred to the cycle action debugging, check whether the actions are coordinated, there are generally some problems in the debugging process: such as crawling, impact and non-commutation, especially For domestic and imported equipment with complex double-acting jacks, if there are big problems, you can consult together and ask for hydraulic equipment manufacturers if necessary.

post tension hydraulic jacks

5. Finally, enter the full load debugging, that is, according to the technical performance of the hydraulic equipment, the maximum working pressure and the maximum working speed test, check the power, heat, noise vibration, high-speed impact, low-speed crawling and other aspects. Check the oil leakage of each part, and sometimes the oil leaks when the pressure is not high. Find problems, even if they are excluded, and make a written record.

6. The handles of the hydraulic equipment debugged by the above method are generally not required to move. For the equipment to be packaged, all the hand wheels should be loosened. For equipment that has not been used for a long time, the hand wheel of the pressure valve should be loosened to prevent the spring from being permanently deformed, so that various faults occur when the mechanical equipment is activated, which affects the performance. 

hydraulic jack

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