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Synchronized hydraulic jack manufacturers

2020-12-07 17:50:12

Synchronized hydraulic jack manufacturers
Synchronized hydraulic jack is used to completely lift a large number of heavy objects and large objects, such as lifting and replacing road bridge supports, as well as installing and maintaining large-scale mechanical equipment. With a power jack, even if you have a heavy weight and a lot of heavy objects, there is no risk of tilting the jack to lift the heavy objects, and the lifted objects are less likely to be damaged. When using a synchronized hydraulic jack for sale, the lifting load balance of each jack must be fully considered to synchronize the lifting speed of the jacks. In addition, in order to prevent damage to the elevator due to tilting, it is necessary to prevent the ground from sinking and to securely protect the jack. Thesynchronized hydraulic jack for sale is equipped with a hydraulic lock and has a pressure maintaining function. The overflow valve prevents overload. It is necessary to prevent external loads due to excessive weight. The safety valve protects the synchronous jack, operates safely and protects carry-on luggage. Pressure holding hydraulic locking equipment, beam drop in bridge structure and higher requirements for high pressure holding force, PLC synchronization jack system with higher synchronization requirements provides a solution for the higher requirements of synchronization jacks.

synchronized hydraulic jack manufacturers

synchronized hydraulic jack

As the synchronized hydraulic jack manufacturers,we should tell you something to remember when using the synchronized hydraulic jack:
1. If the height of the heavy object must exceed the rated height of the synchronization jack, put the sleeper under the weight raised by the synchronization jack, lower the synchronization jack, raise the floor, and then raise it until it can be carried. Need to be repeated. height.

2. The synchronized hydraulic jack for sale cannot be used as a permanent support device. If long-term support is required, support parts should be added under the heavy object to avoid damage to the synchronization jack.

3. If only one synchronized hydraulic jack is used to lift one end of the heavy object, the synchronous jack must be placed on the axis of symmetry of the heavy object along the length of the synchronous jack base and the direction in which the weight may drop. If two synchronization sockets are used at one end of the weight, the direction of the base will be slightly symmetrical and should be placed on both sides of the symmetry axis of the weight.

4. If you want to hold multiple synchronous jacks at the same time, you need to command, adjust and raise at the same time.

synchronized hydraulic jack for sale

synchronized hydraulic jack supplier

synchronized hydraulic jack price

As the synchronized hydraulic jack supplier, Gaodetec has produced the hydraulic jacks for many years,we can supply the single acting hydraulic jack ,double acting hydraulic jack and the synchronized hydraulic jack, we can also provide the customize srevice for you! If you are interested in the synchronized hydraulic jack, please contact us,we can send the synchronized hydraulic jack price for you!

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